Hotel Deals for Flying into Dulles

Watch this video to learn about how to get from Dulles airport to Washington, DC. Find the best places to stay that are convenient between Dulles and D.C. Also find out how to find the best hotel deal for these locations, or start searching hotel deals now.

There are three primary options to manage logistics and accommodations if you are traveling to Washington, DC and arriving at Dulles international airport. While its possible to simply commute into downtown Washington, DC and try to find downtown DC hotel deals, this can often be expensive and not always the best option in terms of overall logistics. Depending on your preferences and the purpose of your trip these are the three most popular and stress free ways to manage getting from Dulles to DC while staying close to logistics to and from the airport.

3 Popular Hotel & Logistics Options for Getting from Dulles to Washington, DC

  • Find a hotel that offers a shuttle to Dulles & the Metro
  • Stay along the Silver / Orange DC Metro lines between D.C. & Dulles
  • Stay near an Express Bus stop that takes you to Dulles

Hotels with Shuttle Service to DC Metro & Dulles Airport

There are four hotels in the Reston, VA area that offer a free airport shuttle to Dulles International Airport and then also a free shuttle to the Reston DC Metro station. These hotels enable you to get a free shuttle from Dulles airport, check-in, and then get a free shuttle to the Reston Metro station that will connect you with the greater DC area. Those hotels are: Sheraton, Westin, SpringHill Suites and Hyatt House. Hyatt House and SpringHill Suites also offer free breakfast.

Express bus that connect Dulles with 2 quality areas for hotels & Metro

Using the 5A express bus route that connect Dulles with Rosslyn and L’Enfant Plaza (just south of the National Mall) is probably the best all around option if you want the most stress free method to get from Dulles to your hotel and then have easy access to attractions in Washington, DC. Both Rosslyn and L’Enfant are hubs for the DC Metro system. Depending on the traffic anticipate spending between 30 to 45 minutes on the bus to get to either Rosslyn or L’Enfant. Below is more information on these areas and tools to find hotel deals.

Find Hotel Deals Now

Step 1: Check Rosslyn Hotel Deals

About Rosslyn Hotels & Neighborhood


Rosslyn Rosslyn will be appealing to all travelers for its quick access to downtown, the National Mall and Georgetown. It is easy to walk to Georgetown, just cross over the Key Bridge. The Metro ride to DCA is about 10 minutes, and there is an express bus that can take you directly to Dulles airport. Active travelers will enjoy riding their bike to Smithsonian museums along trails. Rosslyn is home to mostly young professionals. This area is the commercial center of Arlington; you’ll find better nightlife and activity options in the Clarendon neighborhood one stop away, but can expect plenty of fast casual restaurants around Rosslyn.

Step 2: Check L’Enfant Hotel Deals

About L’Enfant Hotels & Neighborhood

L’Enfant The neighborhood near the L’Enfant Metro, south of the National Mall is best for families who want to prioritize the walking to the National Mall every day, or intellectuals reluctant for nightlife. The area is surrounded by massive government buildings and when five o’clock rolls past commuters travel home leaving the area bland and sterile. Sometimes this is welcomed for those who enjoy peaceful surroundings, but a burden for those who crave nearby restaurants and the thrill of locals heading out for nightlife. The Mall is at its busiest during the day, but it is regarded as safe to stick around to view the beauty of the monuments lit up after dark. Altogether this neighborhood won’t appeal to all, but is close by to downtown and DCA via Metro, plus 395 runs adjacent to the neighborhood making for easy highway access.

Connect to the Metro from Dulles & Stay Outside D.C. on the Metro

The second best option travelers usually consider when flying into Dulles is taking the Silver line connector bus from Dulles to the Reston Metro station. This is a short bus ride that takes about 10 minutes and costs five dollars one way. From here, travelers can then use the Metro to connect to the rest of the greater Washington, DC area using the Metro. This plan makes it easy to stay outside of D.C. in the suburbs of Virginia offering savings over hotel options closer to downtown. Travelers can balances savings, with a mild commute to and from the airport if they go this route. Below are the recommended areas along the Metro lines west of D.C.

Step 3: Check Ballston Hotel Deals

About Ballston Hotels & Neighborhood

Ballston With good proximity to downtown, highways, airports and the National Mall it is hard to go wrong at Ballston. This is one of the best locations in Arlington, VA. There is a yuppie vibe to it, but with that affluence brings charming squares and over 40 restaurants. A commute to the National Mall is about 20 minutes via the Metro. The urban area around the Metro quickly drops off into charming parks, and suburban Virginia. The Mall nearby has an ice rink which is an excellent way to beat the heat in the summer. Use the local Custis trail to ride a bike into DC in 30 minutes.

Step 4: Check Spring Hill Hotel Deals

About Spring Hill Hotels & Neighborhood

hotel deals near spring hill metro station

Spring Hill The Spring Hill station is one of three stations in Tyson’s Corner a suburban area in northern Virginia. This is the western most station. The immediate area is made up of office buildings, shopping centers, and a few apartment buildings. A bustling hub, Tyson’s Corner can be very congested, even on weekends when the malls are very busy. It’s location on the silver line has made this area much more accessible to downtown DC and welcoming for those who are not driving. While Tyson’s is generally a safe area, the amount of traffic in the area, and the multi-lane highways, mean that pedestrians should always exercise caution.