Find the Right Hotel & Neighborhood near the DC Metro

The map below shows only D.C. Metro stations that have a hotel nearby. The parking icons represent that a station has a hotel with free parking. The dollar signs represent the average cost of hotels near the station. Clicking on the stations will take you to a page to read more about each neighborhood and hotel options.

Hotels Near DC Metro Map

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Main Street Shopping & Charm

StationHotel RatesCommuteFree Parking
Braddock$$20 minsYes
King Street$$$20 minsNo
Eisenhower$$30 minsYes

Arlington, VA

Urban Residential, Quick Commute to it All

StationHotel RatesCommuteFree Parking
Rosslyn$10 minsYes
Ballston$$15 minsYes
Courthouse / Clarendon$$15 minsNo

DC Urban Residential

Row Homes, Restaurants, Charm

StationHotel RatesCommuteFree Parking
Woodley Park$$$10 minsNo
Dupont Circle$$10 minsNo
Van Ness$$10 minsNo
Friendship Heights$$$15 minsNo
Mt. Vernon$5 minsNo

DCA Airport

Pleasant Urban Pocket Next to DCA

StationHotel RatesCommuteFree Parking
Crystal City$$15 minsYes
Pentagon City$$15 minsNo


Close to It All, More Affordable on Weekends

StationHotel RatesCommuteFree Parking
Chinatown$$$0 minsNo
Metro Center$$0 minsNo
Federal Center$$$10 minsNo
Foggy Bottom$$10 minsNo
Navy Yard$$15 minsNo
Capitol South$$$5 minsNo
Farragut$$$5 minsNo
McPherson Square$$$5 minsNo
New York Ave$$$5 minsNo
Union Station$$$5 minsNo
Lenfant$$5 minsNo

Suburbs North

Savings, Free Parking, I-270, I-95

StationHotel RatesCommuteFree Parking
Twinbrook$$25 minsNo
College Park$30 minsYes
Greenbelt$30 minsYes
White Flint$$$32minsNo
Shady Grove$40 minsYes
Bethesda$20 minsYes
Silver Spring$$25 minsNo
Rockville$$40 minsNo

Suburbs South

Savings, Free Parking, Avoid Traffic Up I-95

StationHotel RatesCommuteFree Parking
Branch Ave.$30 minsYes
Franconia / Springfield$30 minsYes
Largo Town Center$30 minsYes
New Carrollton$$30 minsYes

Suburbs West

Savings, Free Parking, I-66, Best Commute

StationHotel RatesCommuteFree Parking
Falls Church$20 minsYes
Dunn-Loring$$30 minsYes
Spring Hill$30 minsYes
Tysons Corner$30 minsNo
Vienna$30 minsYes
Reston$$40 minsNo

Metro FAQ for 1st Time Riders

Q: Washington, DC Metro FAQ

Below are the most common questions first time Metro riders have.

Q: How Late Does the Metro Operate?

A: The metro actually shuts down at midnight. In the mornings, the metro reopens at 5am on weekdays and 7am on weekends. For late night riders, be sure to arrive at the metro platform by 11:30pm at the latest, otherwise you will not be able to board.

Q: How Often Does the Metro Run (Arrive at Stations)?

A: The metro schedule varies somewhat depending on the time of the day. Typically riders can expect the metro to come every 15-20 minutes during off peak hours and during peak hours every 5 to 10 minutes.

Q: Can I Take the Metro to the Airport?

A: The Metro connects directly with the terminal at DCA, but does not connect directly with Dulles and BWI. In 2018 the Metro will connect directly with the Dulles airport. For now use the Silver line connector bus to get between the Dulles airport and the Reston Metro station. The bus ride is about 15 minutes and the Metro ride to downtown from Reston will take about 45 minutes. To get from BWI to Washington, DC use the MARC train that connects with the Metro and downtown DC at Union Station. Another option to get from BWI to Washington, DC is to use the Metrobus that will connect with the Greenbelt metro station. It will take about 30 minutes to ride into Washigton, DC from Greenbelt.

Q: Where Can I Download the Washington, DC Metro Map?

A: Download the full Metro Map here Or use the Metro Trip Planner here – Our Metro map at this page is most for finding DC Metro stations with hotels nearby.

Q: Do kids have to pay to ride the metro?

A: Up to two children under 5 can ride the metro for free with their parent or guardian.

Q: Can I Take a Bike onto the Metro?

A: Yes from 10am-4pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. They limit it to two bicycles per metro car on weekdays, and 4 bicycles per metro car on weekends. You won’t typically have to worry though, as there are plenty of cars available.

Q: How Much Does the Metro Cost?

A: The fares vary depending on the time of day and the distance. Depending on the distance fares start at $1.75 and can climb up to $5.90 for longer commutes. The Metros do not take cash, so you will need to purchase a SmarTrip card. You can either purchase a regular card for $8 ($2 for the card and preloaded with $8 for fares) or get a day pass for $14.50, which can be used an unlimited number of times until the end of the operating day. To find out the specific cost of a trip, use the Metro’s trip planner for an exact amount.

Q: Does the Metro have a station near Smithsonian Museums & The National Mall?

A: Yes, the station is called Smithsonian on the orange line. This station places you directly on the National Mall within walking distance to the most popular Smithsonian stations.