What's On the DC Metro Yellow Line

Yellow Line Overview

things_to_do_in_washigton_on_the_yellow_lineThe Yellow Line serves as the fastest way to get from the Airport (DCA) to the downtown DC. The line starts just outside of Alexandria, and ends by connecting with the Red Line at Georgia Avenue. It can act as a direct route to get from Howard University and U Street to the Airport. Most of the Yellow line is shared with the Blue Line in VA, and then the Green Line for stops in DC and NE sections of DC. You can connect with rail transportation like the VRE and Amtrack at the King Street station.

Tourism & Entertainment on the Yellow Line

things_to_do_in_washigton_on_the_yellow_line_touristThe most impressive stop for nightlife along the Yellow line is U Street. The U Street stop is home to the 930 club along with a variety of bars and restaurants. As for museums the Archives Stop or L’enfant Plaza will be your best jump off point for Smithsonian Museums and the Mall. The Yellow Line also has a stop right by the Verizon Center, that stop is also home to The Spy Museums, American Art Gallery and many restaurants including DC’s Chinatown. The King Street Station will give riders’ access to Alexandria or Old Town, a free street car will help riders get to the restaurants and main street shopping areas of Old Town Alexandira.

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Places to Stay on the Yellow Line

Hotels within walking distance to Yellow line.

Crystal City


nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: Crystal City is an urban area of Arlington, VA, mostly dedicated to business. While its close proximity to the Pentagon means you’ll find a number of high-rises filled with young professionals and military personnel, the neighborhood can empty out after business areas. This is a safe neighborhood and the metro is in close walking distance to the hotels. Crystal City does, however, straddle a major highway, so visitors, especially those with small children, should be cautious of traffic while walking around. Hotels near Crystal City Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Crystal City is a great location for those visiting on business who need quick access to DCA and the Pentagon. It is generally more affordable than neighborhoods in DC proper, so is a great option for tourists. Hotels near Crystal City Metro.

Smithsonian / L’Enfant


nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: The neighborhood around the National Mall is dead at night. This can be welcome for those who enjoy a peaceful walk through the National Mall, but not welcome for others. The area is surrounded by massive government buildings and when five o’clock rolls past commenters travel home leaving the area bland and sterile. Hotels near Smithsonian / L’Enfant Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up This area is best for families who want to prioritize the museums and intellectuals reluctant for nightlife. Hotels near Smithsonian / L’Enfant Metro.

Mt. Vernon


nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: Mount Vernon Square is a rapidly revitalizing urban neighborhood in central DC. Located on the green and yellow lines, this area is home to DC’s Convention Center. This neighborhood is home to a diverse mix of residents from young professionals to longtime DC residents. This area is a hotbed of construction as new commercial ventures and apartment buildings go up daily. However, there is still a cluster of low-income housing blocks in Mount Vernon so caution, especially at night, is advised. Hotels near Mt. Vernon Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up With its proximity to the convention center, Mount Vernon is the ideal location for conference attendees. It’s also a great neighborhood for those visitors who are a bit more adventurous and are looking to explore some of DC’s lesser-known neighborhoods. Hotels near Mt. Vernon Metro.


nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: Chinatown in DC is a very busy urban neighborhood. Populated with businesses, apartment buildings, shopping, and nightlife, Chinatown never shuts down. Being at the crossroads of major metro and bus lines, this area is a big hangout for the city’s teenagers, so it can get quite rowdy. Mostly home to young professionals, this area also includes a few low income housing complexes and a large homeless shelter. While generally a safe neighborhood, visitors will notice a higher amount of panhandling in Chinatown and should be cautious in the area at night. Hotels near Chinatown / Gallery Plaza Metro.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Visitors not interested in a noisy, rowdy neighborhood should look elsewhere, but Chinatown is a great option for those attending an event at the Verizon Center or who are looking to party like a local. It is also easy to walk to the National Mall from this location. Hotels near Chinatown / Gallery Plaza Metro.

Alexandria (Old Town)


Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up The Old Town area is a great location to stay for visitors looking for charm and the opportunity to see some non-traditional DC sites. It is very walkable, well-connected to DC by public transportation, and convenient to Reagan National Airport, so if you are not driving, this location is an ideal one. There are three Metro stations in Alexandria. We recommend taking a look at Braddock or Eisenhower over King Street.

Eisenhower Metro

1487828236_metro Eisenhower Metro station. We recommended the Holiday Inn because it is closer to the Metro, just one block away, and on average has lower rates during weekdays. Hotels near Eisenhower Metro.

Braddock Metro

1487828236_metro There are four hotels within walking distance to the Braddock Metro station. Braddock is a new Metro station in Alexandria and staying here is preferable to the King Street station in Alexandria because on average hotels are cheaper, plus the location is close to most of Alexandria’s main tourist attractions. The one drawback however, is that each hotel is 5-6 blocks away from the Metro. Hotels near Braddock Metro.

King Street Metro

1487828236_metroThere are five hotels near the King Street (Alexandria) Metro station. We recommend checking out the Wyndam if you are a family and driving to DC because the Wyndam offers free parking and has large suite style rooms. Hotels near King Street Metro.