A Local’s Guide to Marriott Hotels in Washington, DC

There are five Marriott brand hotels near the DC metro lines. The five Marriott brands are Marriott hotels, Sheraton, Westin, Courtyard and Residence Inn. These five brands varied in prices depending on the location, but the best pick of them all in terms of price, reviews, convenience and location is the Ballston Residence Inn.

Although there are more affordable options available amongst other brands, the Residence Inn sticks out in terms of excellent quality as a hotel. A close second was the Courtyard in Dunn-Loring, which has cheaper weekday rates and extremely low weekend rates. It’s location was convenient, but the Ballston Residence Inn won out with its easy access to all of DC’s major sights.

Marriott Hotels Brand Locations Around Washington, DC at a Glance

CourtyardDunn-Loring30 minsVA1$183$89Free
CourtyardFriendship Heights15 minsDC3$218$148$15 Per Day
CourtyardChinatown0 minsDC1$294$237$59 Per Day
CourtyardHuntington-Eisenhower30 minsVA5$198$105Free
CourtyardSilver Spring25 minsMD4$212$136$13 Per Day
CourtyardTysons Corner30 minsVA1$270$91$7 Per Day
CourtyardNew Carrollton30 minsMD1$155$121Free
CourtyardNavy Yard15 minsDC1$129$159$30 Per Day
CourtyardNew York Ave5 minsDC1$227$157$45 Per Day
MarriottWoodley Park10 minsDC1$274$153$45 Per Day
MarriottCollege Park30 minsMDShort Drive$244$145Free
MarriottMetro Center0 minsDC1$189$199$56 Per Day
MarriottRosslyn10 minsVA3$199$140$22 Per Day
MarriottTysons Corner30 minsVA3$236$89$9 Per Day
Marriott Conference CenterWhite Flint32minsMD2$251$127$15 Per Day
Marriott DCACrystal City15 minsDCA1$271$152$29 Per Day
Marriott Crystal CityCrystal City15 minsDCA1$240$150$26 Per Day
Residence InnSpring Hill30 minsVA2$183$91$6 Per Day
Residence InnBallston15 minsVA2$239$149$16 Per Day
Residence InnBethesda20 minsMD2$276$147$25 Per Day
Residence InnCourthouse / Clarendon15 minsVA1$274$164$17 Per Day
Residence InnDunn-Loring30 minsVAShort Drive$180$93Free
Residence InnDupont Circle10 minsDC3$242$237$32 Per Day
Residence InnFederal Center10 minsDC2$302$161$35 Per Day
Residence InnFoggy Bottom10 minsDC2$164$159$47 Per Day
Residence InnPentagon City15 minsDCA2$270$173$29 Per Day

Why Find a Marriott Hotel Near the Metro?

airbnb near the metro
The Metro system in DC is fast, convenient and cheap. In fact, it’s cheaper to take the metro than to drive around, whether you’re in DC for business, vacation or just visiting.

Parking anywhere in the DC area can be expensive and frustrating. Add on the hectic traffic and limited street parking, and you’re looking at spending more time and money than it’s really worth.

The DC metro system can take you anywhere you need to go, usually within a 15 minute ride (30 if you’re out towards the suburbs). Be sure to stay at one of these hotels close to a Metro station and save the hassle.


There are eight Marriotts in the DC area close to the metro lines. The locations are: Woodley Park, College Park, two in Crystal City, Metro Center, Rosslyn, Tysons Corner and White Flint.

You’ll find the best deal in the Rosslyn area of Arlington, where that Marriott has the best overall rates, mild parking fee, easy three blocks to the metro station and quick 10 minute commute into Downtown DC. Rosslyn is a good location that can appeal to any traveler and offers a good selection of restaurants and activities both in the area and nearby.

The Metro Center Marriott has the same rates for both weekdays and weekends and is only a block away from the metro station, but has a very expensive parking fee. For this location, you pay for the convenience of being directly in Downtown DC. The Adam’s Morgan location is close to the National Zoo in Woodley Park and is only a block away from the metro station. This Marriott is only a 10 minute commute into DC, and has high rates during weekdays and an expensive parking fee. Crystal City has two Marriotts, both only a block from the metro station and 15 minutes away from Downtown DC. The rates are similar to one another, with moderate to moderate/high weekday prices and lower weekend rates.

Tysons Corner has the cheapest weekend rates, plunging below $100 per night. The hotel is close to plenty of great shopping near two shopping centers, and is about three blocks to the metro station. The commute into DC typically takes 30 minutes by metro, but watch out for hectic traffic and pedestrian flow as Tysons Corner can get very busy, especially during weekends.

White Flint is the farthest Marriott from Downtown DC, typically taking 30-40 minutes to commute. This Marriott is two blocks away from the metro station and can be found north of Bethesda close to I-270. Though rates drop on weekends, tourists may not like the location and prefer to be closer to DC.

Marriott – Tysons Corner

Weekday Avg. Rate $236
Weekend Avg. Rate $89

Hotel Specs

Closest Station3 Blocks
Wifi$12.95 Per Day
Parking$9 Per Day
Breakfast$18 Buffet
RestaurantShutters Bar & Kitchen (American), Coffee Kiosk (coffee house), Fresh Bites (American)
Shuttle to AirportNo
Hotel ShuttleYes. 2 Mile Radius
GymCardio machines and free weights
PoolIndoor With Hot Tub
Room TypeStandard & Suites Available


Sheraton has three locations by Braddock, Silver Spring and Spring Hill metro stations. The closest Sheraton to DC (20 minutes away) is in the popular neighborhood of Old Town Alexandria near Braddock metro station, but has the farthest walk to the metro station at six blocks. Rates are affordable typically below $200 per night with a much cheaper weekend rate. Parking is the most expensive here.

The farthest Sheraton is by Spring Hill metro station in Tysons Corner, about 30 minutes from Downtown DC. On average this Sheraton has higher rates than the others, but is only two blocks away from the Spring Hill metro station. The area is popular for shopping and business.

The best Sheraton deal is in Silver Spring, 25 minutes from Downtown DC at the edge of the DC/Maryland border. This Sheraton has a combination of affordable rates and a good location for all travelers to explore. The metro station is four blocks away through the busy Silver Spring plaza.

Sheraton – Spring Hill

Weekday Avg. Rate $218
Weekend Avg. Rate $123

Hotel Specs

Closest Station2 Blocks
WifiFree Wifi
Parking$10-$20 Per Day
Breakfast$5-$21 A La Carte
RestaurantBrix and Ale (American)
Shuttle to AirportNo
Hotel ShuttleYes. 3 Mile Radius
GymCardio machines and free weights
Room TypeStandard. King, Queen, Doubles
PetsYes. Up to 65lbs.
SmokingYes. Designated smoking areas


Westin has two hotels near the DC metro lines in Ballston and Crystal City. Both have similar commute times into Downtown DC at 15 minutes, and are two blocks away from their respective metro stations.

The Ballston area is in Arlington and is appealing to all travelers. The area is a mix of young professionals and quiet homes, with plenty of restaurants nearby. The Westin here is more expensive than its counterpart in Crystal City.

Crystal City is also in Arlington, near the Arlington Cemetery and Pentagon, and is typically quiet after work hours and weekends. The Westin here is more affordable, but the immediate area can be lacking for young travelers and people looking for nightlife or restaurants.

Westin – Ballston

Weekday Avg. Rate $261
Weekend Avg. Rate $181


Hotel Specs

Closest Station2 Blocks
WifiFree Wifi
Parking$29 Per Day
Breakfast$18 Buffet
RestaurantPinzimi (Italian), Starbucks (coffee house)
Shuttle to AirportNo
Hotel ShuttleNo
GymCardio machines and free weights
PoolIndoor with Hot Tub
Room TypeStandard. King, Queen, Doubles
PetsYes. Dogs. Up to 40lbs.

Courtyard Marriott

Read the full article on Courtyard Marriott’s around Washington, DC. There are nine Courtyards in near DC metro stations in: Chinatown, Dunn-Loring, Friendship Heights, Huntington-Eisenhower, Navy Yard, New Carrollton, New York Ave, Silver Springs and Tysons Corner.

Our favorite Courtyard Hotel is the Dunn-Loring location, 30 minutes away from Downtown DC and only a block from the metro station, which offers free underground parking, low weekend rates and short walk through restaurants to the metro.

Silver Spring Courtyard came at a close second, but fell short because of higher rates and paid parking. The Eisenhower and New Carrollton Courtyards also offer free parking, but on average are more expensive for the same commute time. Other options that are in DC like Chinatown, Navy Yard and New York Ave are much more expensive, and include an expensive parking fee. Tyson’s Corner is closer to shopping, but you’re better off saving the extra money by staying in Dunn-Loring, which is only a stop away from the shopping centers and malls.

Courtyard – Dunn-Loring

Weekday Avg. Rate $184
Weekend Avg. Rate $89


Hotel Specs

Closest Station1 Block
WifiFree Wifi
Breakfast$5-$15 A La Carte
RestaurantThe Bistro (American)
Shuttle to AirportNo
Hotel ShuttleNo
GymCardio machines and free weights
PoolNo Pool
Room TypeStandard & Suites Available

Residence Inn

Read the full article on Residence Inn hotels around Washington, DC. Residence Inn has nine locations near a metro station in Ballston, Bethesda, Courthouse/Clarendon, Dunn-Loring, Dupont Circle, Federal Center, Foggy Bottom, Pentagon City and Spring Hill. All locations except Dunn-Loring were within 1-3 blocks to the metro station.

Of the nine Residence Inns, Ballston is the best option with a 15 minute commute to DC and two blocks to the metro station. Although rates are somewhat higher than options like Dunn-Loring or Spring Hill, the overall experience is better with short commute to DC sights and very high reviews. Dunn-Loring Residence Inn also required a short drive or shuttle to get to the metro station.

Pentagon City, Federal Center, Courthouse/Clarendon and Bethesda were more expensive on average, and had higher fees. Dupont Circle had comparable weekday rates but weekends saw no discount. Foggy Bottom is actually a close second because of their low weekday and weekend rates, but the high parking fee cuts the saving for anyone who has a car.

Residence Inn – Foggy Bottom

Weekday Avg. Rate $165
Weekend Avg. Rate $160

Hotel Specs

Closest Station1.5 Blocks
WifiFree Wifi
Parking$47.20 Per Day
BreakfastFree Buffet. Cold Items
Shuttle to AirportNo
Hotel ShuttleNo
GymCardio machines and free weights
PoolOutdoor Seasonal
Room TypeStandard & Suites w/Kitchen
PetsYes. Fee $150. Up to 75lbs.