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1484271751_08_thumbs_upRecommended Hotel: Hyatt House
Why: Newer Hotel, Rooftop Pool

There are two hotel choices within walking distance to the Federal Center Metro station. We recommend taking a look at the Hyatt House over the nearby Residence Inn. The Hyatt is a new hotel constructed in 2015. We also found that on average rates are lower at the Hyatt Place. The Hyatt Place also has a season rooftop pool which can be especially nice in the summer after walking the National Mall. Beyond a tendency to have lower rates the Hyatt Place and Residence Inn have a lot in common. Each hotel provides guests with free wifi, and a free breakfast. Each hotel also charges at least $40 per night for parking. Tourists will appreciate rates are usually lower on weekends at either of these choices. Give the Hyatt Place a look first for this location.

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What Federal Center Hotel is Right for You?

Before deciding on these hotels all travelers will want to consider the nearby Capitol Holiday Inn. This hotel stands out for its lower rates, rooftop pool, and close proximity to the National Mall. If Federal Center is the location you choose be sure to utilize the deal widget below to find out which hotel has the best rates for your stay.

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Is Federal Center Right for You?

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nieghborhood_vibe_48Federal Center Neighborhood: The neighborhood near the Federal Center Metro, south of the National Mall is best for families who want to prioritize the walking to the National Mall every day, or intellectuals reluctant for nightlife. The area is surrounded by massive government buildings and when five o’clock rolls past commuters travel home leaving the area bland and sterile. Sometimes this is welcomed for those who enjoy peaceful surroundings, but a burden for those who crave nearby restaurants and the thrill of locals heading out for nightlife. The Mall is at its busiest during the day, but it is regarded as safe to stick around to view the beauty of the monuments lit up after dark. Altogether this neighborhood won’t appeal to all, but is close by to downtown and DCA via Metro, plus 395 runs adjacent to the neighborhood making for easy highway access.

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  Hyatt HouseResidence Inn
Hotel WebsiteNAHotel Website
TripAdvisorHyatt HouseResidence Inn
Hotels.comView DealsView Deals
Avg. Sun-Thu$215$302
Avg. Fri. & Sat.$218$162
Parking$40 / Day$35 / Day
BreakfastFree Buffet. Hot & Cold ItemsFree Buffet. Hot & Cold Items
Walk to MetroDirectionsDirections
Blocks to Metro32
RoomsStandard & Suites w/KitchenStandard & Suites Available
Airport ShuttleNoNo
Hotel ShuttleNoNo
RestaurantCityBar (Rooftop Bar & Lounge)None
GymCardio machines onlyCardio machines and free weights
PoolOutdoor SeasonalIndoor

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Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up This area is best for families who want to prioritize the museums and intellectuals reluctant for nightlife.

nieghborhood_vibe_48Neighborhood Vibe: The Federal Center metro stop lets off a few blocks from the National Mall in the midst of mainly government buildings. This area is home to the Smithsonian Institution, the National Gallery of Art, and many of Washington, DC’s famous monuments. Travelers who choice one of the few hotel options south of the National Mall away from downtown DC will give up easy access to restaurants, bars and nightlife. The neighborhood around the National Mall is dead at night. This can be welcome for those who enjoy a peaceful walk through the National Mall, but not welcome for others. The area is surrounded by massive government buildings and when five o’clock rolls past commenters travel home leaving the area bland and sterile.


things_to_do_48Things to Do: The National Park Service operates concession stands along the Mall and during good weather you’ll find food trucks lined up on 7th or 14th streets, as well as the ubiquitous hot dog and ice cream vendors. Many of the museums are equipped with cafeterias—Mitsitam Café at the National Museum of the American Indian has won multiple awards for its indigenous American cuisine—but they can be quite expensive. In addition to the attractions along the Mall, this area also offers easy walking access to the Tidal Basin, where you can visit the Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, Jr. memorials; the White House; and downtown Washington. Runners and bikers will particularly enjoy the lack of traffic on the Mall and the easy access to other trails. Both the National Park Service and the Smithsonian Institution offer tips for visiting with children.




Avg. Fri & Sat - $215
Avg. Sun-Thu - $218
Hyatt House
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Blocks to Metro - 3
Parking - $40 / Day
Wifi - Free
Breakfast - Free Buffet. Hot & Cold Items
Airport Shuttle - No

Residence Inn


Avg. Fri & Sat - $302
Avg. Sun-Thu - $162
Hotel Website
Residence Inn
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Blocks to Metro - 2
Parking - $35 / Day
Wifi - Free
Breakfast - Free Buffet. Hot & Cold Items
Airport Shuttle - No