Hotels with Free Shuttle to DCA

Reagan National Airport, Washington, D.C.

Best Hotels with a Shuttle to DCA

hotels with free shuttle service to dca
airport shuttle iconThe best hotels with free shuttle service to DCA are located in 3 neighborhoods around Reagan National Airport (DCA). Reagan National is Washington, D.C.’s primary airport and directly connects with the Metro. A commute into D.C. from this airport is about 20 minutes. Travelers will want to prioritize looking for a hotel in Crystal City, Alexandria or Pentagon City. Each of these neighborhoods have a handful of hotels that offer a shuttle to DCA and are also within walking distance to the Metro. This will enable you to get a shuttle from the airport to your hotel, and then walk to the Metro to get to and from D.C. One of the most affordable and popular hotels is the Americana.

Best Hotels Close to DCA Airport on the Metro

metroOne of the nice things about D.C. is that you can stay at a hotel close to DCA airport that is also within walking distance to the Metro without compromising on a location. There are two neighborhoods that are great for tourist near DCA. Those are Crystal City and Alexandria. Using the Metro can same time, money and stress over driving or Uber. This website is dedicated to finding hotels close to Metro stations. The D.C. Metro system connects directly with DCA airport. There are over 100 hotels near the D.C. Metro making it easy to get from the airport to a nearby hotel along the Metro. Travelers concerned with catching an early morning flight often want to stay near the airport.

Hotels With Free Parking Near DCA

There is only one hotel with free parking near DCA that also offers a shuttle to and from the airport. That hotel is the Americana. Every traveler should consider the Americana before looking into other hotels because you can save as much as $100 per night during the week (Sun – Thu) compared to the nearby brand name hotels. Americana is also the only hotel in Crystal City to offer free parking. Most reviews praise the Americana for its adequate clean accommodations. Breakfast and wifi are also free, there is a hotel shuttle to the airport. Another option for affordable parking is the Old Colony in Alexandria. Parking is $5 and their is shuttle service to the airport.

Cheap Hotels near DCA & the Metro

saveThe two best cheap hotels near DCA are the Americana and Old Colony Inn. Both of these hotels offer free shuttle service to DCA and are within walking distance to the Metro system. Each is in a desirable urban residential neighborhood with plenty of restaurants nearby. Both offer free breakfast and are praised for being clean accommodations by online reviews. If those hotels are sold out another option is to look at the two hotels near the Eisenhower Station just outside Alexandria. These hotels are often cheaper than nearby options and are only a 10 minute Metro ride to DCA. DCA connects directly with the Metro.

Top 10 Hotels Close to DCA

These are the top 10 hotels close to DCA Airport in Washington, D.C. Staying near Reagan National airport is a great option for tourist.

#1 DCA Hotel - Americana

Affordable, Clean, Shuttle, Breakfast, Walk to Metro


Avg. Fri & Sat - $115
Avg. Sun-Thu - $112
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Blocks to Metro - 3
Parking - Free
Wifi - Free
Breakfast - Buffet. Cold Items
Airport Shuttle - Yes