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Jeff and Kate Howard created this website in 2012 while living above the Ballston Metro in Washington, DC. Since 2012 we have helped over a half a million people navigate DC and find hotels. Thank You for the support!

Katie is a kindergarten teacher for over seven years in Bethesda. Jeff spends his time in DC avoiding traffic on his bike.

Please support our family and website by coming back to our website before you book and click from our hotel links!

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Customer Testimonials

Jeff (and Katie),

Thank you for your great efforts with the hotels site! I’m just getting started with it, but it a great place for us visitors. Thanks again.
– James

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to say thanks for gathering all the info on your website! I’m from MN and I am planning for a trip to DC in the spring and happened to come upon your website randomly when searching. It is helping me tremendously with my planning. Come to think of it, I wondered if you’ve been featured on the the tv news stations anywhere. I am recalling something about this on the news. Anyways, thanks again!
– Jean Thao

Jeff Howard,

Your website was really helpful when planning our D.C. trip this past June. We stayed in Shady Grove. Thanks
– Richard

Dear Jeff,

I am so glad I came across your website details!!! We are visiting Washington DC on 6-8 July. Kind regards.
– Marlene Brand

Hi Jeff

I wanted to say thanks for your Hotels Near DC Metro site. I just booked our trip (haven’t been there yet!), and I found your site to be indispensable. Thanks for doing the leg work. I appreciate it! Happy Holidays to you and yours,
– Mike

Dear Jeff,

We wanted you to know how much we appreciated and used your information on DC. We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard at Dunn Loring February 10, 11 and 12 and used the Metro. The hotel was great, Metro easy to use and plenty of places to eat nearby. We spent most of our time visiting the museums on the Mall. Everyone was very helpful. We live in Indiana and have visited DC before either flying or taking the train. This time we took two days and drove. Location was great.
– Phil and Pat Lehman

Kate & Jeff

I found your Web site today and just wanted you to know that I found it VERY helpful
We still have not determined where we will stay next month, but your site helped me to narrow down choices.


– Rich

Kate & Jeff

Love your site… Taking the fam to see DC for the first time in a few weeks…

– Kevin

Hi Jeff & Kate,

Firstly I have to say that yours is one of the most informative travel sites I have ever seen on the internet – bar none! I’ve been searching for months for something like this and your website has really excited me.

We are a couple travelling from London to Dulles in…….

Once again 5 stars for a fantastic website. It’s brilliant.

With kind regards

Elaine Key


I like your website. I found your website through google search, and I recommended it to the other examiners of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau= when they come to Washington, D.C. on business.

Warm regards,

Ken Siebert


I have been trying to book a vacation to DC with my daughters and have been completely overwhelmed by all the options. I just booked for Silver Springs and feel confident with the booking because of all your help. Thank you!


Hi Jeff

The website is really helpful and user friendly. We would definitely enjoy visiting DC.


Jeff and Kate,

I stumbled upon your website and WHAT A GEM! Thank you so much for putting that together and providing it to the public. I just booked my family’s first trip to DC and the info you provided helped SO MUCH!

You guys are awesome!
Thank you!


Dear Jeff and Kate,

A great website, truly informative saves a lot of time on the learning curve and searching especially for folks who have a short time to take it all in and decide what to do next. What you have done is totally democratized that and made it simple for all us visitors.

John Kingsley