Find the Right Hotel & Neighborhood Near the Washington, DC Metro

hotels near dc metro

hotels near dc metrohotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconQuickly find all the Washington, DC Metro stations that have a hotel within one mile. Washington, DC Metro & Hotel near dc metro

hotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconHotels With Free Parking
There are 28 hotels near Washington, DC Metro stations that offer free parking. Find them with our free parking hotel map. The most popular hotel that has free parking is the Holiday Inn at Rosslyn, which is 20 minutes to the Mall, DCA airport and downtown.

Cheap Hotels Near the DC Metro

hotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconHere are the top five cheap hotels near the DC Metro. Keep in mind, for most DC hotels weekend rates fall as much as $50 to $100. Staying outside the city in the suburbs of Maryland or Virginia is another way to save big. Learn how much you can save.

Best Hotels for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration

hotels near dc metroIts common to hear about the wild hotel costs in DC during Presidential Inauguration, but don’t be deterred. The best advice is to find a hotel outside of downtown and commute into the city via Metro. There are over 100 hotels near DC Metro stations, and plenty of affordable options for hotels within walking distance to the Metro all over Maryland and Virginia. Our website will help you understand what the neighborhoods are like near the DC Metro Stations as well as hotel amenities like free parking, breakfast, shuttles and wifi fees. Find the best hotels in Washington, DC for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

The Quick & Dirty on DC Neighborhoods – Find the Right One for You

hotels near dc metrohotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconFrom the historic charm of Alexandria, to the bustling bar scene of Clarendon and beautiful brownstone embassies in Dupont Circle Washington, DC has a diverse set of neighborhoods that carter to most any travel’s expectations. Whether you’re looking to party, focused on museums, trying to impress a loved one, or bringing the whole family DC has a neighborhood for you. And because the Metro spans deep in to the suburbs it is easy to find a comfortable area. Here is the quick and dirty on the DC Neighborhoods, that have a Metro station and hotel. Decide where to stay in Washington, DC.

gray-quoteWithout this site I would have been nervous about my trip to DC. I loved the neighborhood descriptions.

Who Are You? DC Hotels & Neighborhood for All Travelers

hotels near dc metro

hotels near dc metrohotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconDC for Families
Most families can agree that finding a safe neighborhood in DC is important. As for a hotel, one that offers offers free parking, free breakfast and has suite rooms large enough to accommodated the entire family is helpful. By in large DC is a safe city, but some areas do routinely make the less adventurous travelers feel uncomfortable. Read about the most popular hotels in DC near the Metro for families, and get up to speed on the best and worst of DC neighborhoods. See our article on DC family vacation packages under $1,000.

Business Hotels Near Reagen National Airport, Dulles Airport, Amtrack, MARC & VRE

hotels near dc metrohotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconDC On Business. Flying into DCA (Reagan National Airport) and staying close by the airport is easy. There are a variety of hotel options with Metro access including some hidden gems that are built for economy minded travelers. The commute time from DCA to downtown DC is about 17 minutes. The Dulles airport is further out in Virginia, but transportation options are improving and the Metro Silver line now comes within a 10 minute cab ride of Dulles. Find the best hotels between Dulles and DC, or the best hotels for flying into Reagan National Airport (DCA), or coming into Union Station.

Mature Couples Balancing Restaurants, Entertainment & Tourism

hotels near dc metrohotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconMature Couples visiting DC without children often want a balance between accessibility to the National Mall and a hotel within walking distance to exciting restaurants and shopping. In that case, Dupont Circle, Alexandria, Capitol South, or Bethesda are good choices. Dupont Circle is in an urban setting and progressive, Bethesda is in suburban Maryland with great restaurants, Alexandria has the main street shopping, and Capitol South is in DC close to the Mall and Eastern Market.

Party Goers | Singles, Young Couples, Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

hotels near dc metrohotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconMixing Tourism and nightlife is often a what young couples and groups of friends are looking for when vising DC. In that case investigate Dupont Circle, Adam’s Morgan, Chinatown and Arlington. Clarendon in Arlington caters to the 20 something crowd with an uncountable number of restaurants and bars. Dupont Circle is a progressive urban neighborhood within the District surrounded by historic brownstones and embassies. Adams Morgan has a 5 block stretch of bars that will knock any bar tour on its ass. Chinatown is within walking distance to the Mall, and home to the National Art Gallery, Spy Museum, and slew of restaurants and bars.

Shoppers | Balancing Tourism with Shopping

hotels near dc metrohotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconShoppers will likely gravitate toward Tyson’s Corner for the mega malls and Georgetown for the variety of chains and small businesses along M street. Rossyln or Foggy Bottom is the closest Metro station to Georgetown. There are three Metro stations near Tyson’s corner Spring Hill and Tyson’s Corner have hotels within walking distance. Keep in mind Tyson’s Corner is very congested. Decide on the best time to visit Washington, DC.

The 7 Best Hotels Near the Washington, DC Metro

hotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconOut of the 100+ hotel options near the DC Metro there are seven hotels that travelers consistently chose first. The most popular hotel near the Washington, DC Metro is the Courtyard Marriott adjacent to the Dunn Loring station in Virginia along I-66. Travelers appreciate the up to date look of the hotel, free underground parking, short walk to the Metro, and nearby casual dining options.

Great Savings & Great Hotels in Maryland and Virginia Outside Washington, DC

hotels near dc metrohotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconTravelers coming to DC from DCA, Dulles, or via I-66 will travel through Virgina. Virgina offers the shortest commutes to DC, especially Arlington. Alexandria is a popular destination. Learn more areas to stay in Virginia and identify the best hotels outside of DC in Virgina.

hotels_near_dc_metro_cheap_iconTravelers coming to DC from I-495 / 95, I-270, BWI (Baltimore Airport) or via the MARC will travel through Maryland. The Metro spans deep into Maryland suburbs offering excellent hotel options. Identify the best neighborhoods and hotels outside of DC in Maryland.

DC Hotel List – All Hotels Near the Metro

HotelNeighborhood Info / StationAreaTime on Metro to DowntownBlocks to StationWK Avg. RateWD Avg. RateParking / DaySetting
MarriottWoodley Park / Adams MorganDC10 Minutes1 Block$264$168$41Urban, Brownstones, Zoo
OmniWoodley Park / Adams MorganDC10 Minutes2 Blocks$277$151$35Urban, Brownstones, Zoo
HiltonBallstonVA17 Minutes1 Block$270$153$17Urban, 20 Somes, Sports Bars
Comfort InnBallstonVA17 Minutes7 Blocks$181$117FreeUrban, 20 Somes, Sports Bars
Holiday InnBallstonVA17 Minutes3 Blocks$184$117$14Urban, 20 Somes, Sports Bars
WestinBallstonVA17 Minutes2 Blocks$316$227$26Urban, 20 Somes, Sports Bars
Residence InnBallstonVA17 Minutes2 Blocks$233$132$15Urban, 20 Somes, Sports Bars
HyattBethesdaMD17 Minutes1 Block$216$125$15Urban, Restaurants, Familes
HiltonBethesdaMD17 Minutes2 Blocks$238$137$15Urban, Restaurants, Familes
Bethesda CourtBethesdaMD17 Minutes2 Blocks$187$105$15Urban, Restaurants, Familes
Residence InnBethesdaMD17 Minutes2 Blocks$282$132$20Urban, Restaurants, Familes
Country Inn & SuitesBranch Ave.MD17 Minutes3 Blocks$107$100FreeSuburbs, I-495
Holiday Inn ExpressBranch Ave.MD17 Minutes4 Blocks$99$105FreeSuburbs, I-495
Capitol Hill HotelCapitol SouthDC5 Minutes1 Block$326$190$32Urban, Capitol Hill, Eastern Market
CourtyardGallery Plaza / ChinatownDC0 Minutes2 Blocks$337$183$38Downtown, Center of It All
Fairfield InnGallery Plaza / ChinatownDC0 Minutes1 Block$294$211$33Downtown, Center of It All
Hotel MonacoGallery Plaza / ChinatownDC0 Minutes1 Block$366$239$42Downtown, Center of It All
Quality InnCollege ParkMD22 Minutes4 Blocks$91$93FreeSuburbs, University of MD
MarriottCollege ParkMD22 Minutes5 Min. Drive$229$139FreeSuburbs, University of MD
Residence InnClarendon / Court HouseVA15 Minutes1 Block$254$166$15Urban, 20 Somes, Restaurants
HiltonClarendon / Court HouseVA15 Minutes2 Blocks$246$136$18Urban, 20 Somes, Restaurants
ClarionClarendon / Court HouseVA15 Minutes3 Blocks$236$154$15Urban, 20 Somes, Restaurants
WestinCrystal CityVA17 Minutes2 Blocks$329$145$27Urban, Airport
AmericanaCrystal CityVA17 Minutes3 Blocks$107$107FreeUrban, Airport
Hampton InnCrystal CityVA17 Minutes3 Blocks$164$103$15Urban, Airport
MarriottCrystal CityVA17 Minutes1 Block$277$113$26Urban, Airport
Marriott DCACrystal CityVA17 Minutes2 Blocks$261$151$27Urban, Airport
RadissonCrystal CityVA17 Minutes3 Blocks$151$99$20Urban, Airport
CourtyardDunn LoringVA25 Minutes1 Block$226$84FreeSuburbs, I-66
HomewoodDunn LoringVA25 Minutes3 Min. Drive$215$121FreeSuburbs, I-66
Residence InnDunn LoringVA25 Minutes5 Min. Drive$246$94FreeSuburbs, I-66
Dupont Circle HotelDupont CircleDC5 Minutes1 Block$352$211$37Urban, Brownstones, Embassies
Embassy Row HotelDupont CircleDC6 Minutes1 Block$193$132$45Urban, Brownstones, Embassies
Fairfax HotelDupont CircleDC7 Minutes1 Block$312$196$40Urban, Brownstones, Embassies
Palomar HotelDupont CircleDC8 Minutes2 Blocks$316$226$45Urban, Brownstones, Embassies
Residence InnDupont CircleDC9 Minutes2 Blocks$386$259$32Urban, Brownstones, Embassies
Econo LodgeFalls ChurchDC20 Minutes2 Blocks$123$122FreeSuburbs, I-66
Club QuartersFarragutDC5 Minutes1 Block$199$187$20Downtown, Lobbyist Offices
HiltonFarragutDC5 Minutes3 Blocks$341$174$47Downtown, Lobbyist Offices
Mayflower RenaissanceFarragutDC5 Minutes2 Blocks$299$203$46Downtown, Lobbyist Offices
Hampton InnFarragutDC5 Minutes2 Blocks$295$204$35Downtown, Lobbyist Offices
Residence InnFederal CenterDC5 Minutes1 Block$349$251$35Urban, Federal Offices
LombardyFoggy BottomDC5 Minutes3 Blocks$251$167$45Downtown, College
Washington InnFoggy BottomDC5 Minutes4 Blocks$239$160$40Downtown, College
GWU InnFoggy BottomDC5 Minutes3 Blocks$203$163$40Downtown, College
Residence InnFoggy BottomDC5 Minutes2 Blocks$250$164$40Downtown, College
River InnFoggy BottomDC5 Minutes2 Blocks$386$284$40Downtown, College
Extended StayFranconia / SpringfieldVA30 Minutes3 Min. Drive$133$103FreeSuburbs, I-95
Comfort InnFranconia / SpringfieldVA30 Minutes3 Min. Drive$139$85FreeSuburbs, I-95
HiltonFranconia / SpringfieldVA30 Minutes3 Min. Drive$227$79FreeSuburbs, I-95
Embassey SuitesFriendship HeightsDC12 Minutes1 Block$290$227$26Urban, Affluent Professionals
CourtyardFriendship HeightsDC12 Minutes3 Blocks$246$129$15Urban, Affluent Professionals
Hampton InnGreenbeltMD30 Minutes3 Min. Drive$136$115FreeSuburbs, BWI Train
Days InnGreenbeltMD30 Minutes5 Min. Drive$71$75FreeSuburbs, BWI Train
CourtyardEisenhowerVA22 Minutes3 Blocks$151$85FreeSuburbs, Cheap Alexandria
HolidayEisenhowerVA22 Minutes1 Block$156$111FreeSuburbs, Cheap Alexandria
Hampton InnKing StreetVA20 Minutes2 Blocks$246$137$20Urban, Alexandria
HiltonKing StreetVA20 Minutes1 Block$249$129$34Urban, Alexandria
Embassy SuitesKing StreetVA20 Minutes1 Block$234$157$28Urban, Alexandria
Avi HotelLargo Town CenterMD30 Minutes3 Min. Drive$119$118FreeSuburbs, Fedex Field
Extended StayLargo Town CenterMD30 Minutes3 Blocks$133$122FreeSuburbs, Fedex Field
Holiday InnSmithsonianDC5 Minutes2 Blocks$164$159$37Urban, Musuem Access
Crowne PlazaMcPherson SquareDC5 Minutes1 Block$273$159$45Downtown, Lobbyist Offices
HiltonMcPherson SquareDC5 Minutes1 Block$289$221$37Downtown, Lobbyist Offices
DoubletreeMedical CenterMD18 Minutes5 Blocks$193$177$23Suburbs, NIH
MarriottMetro CenterDC0 Minutes1 Block$365$192$47Downtown, Center of It All
HyattMetro CenterDC0 Minutes1 Block$308$199$45Downtown, Center of It All
Mt. Vernon B&BMt. VernonDC5 Minutes3 Blocks$190$185FreeUrban, Brownstones
CourtyardNavy YardDC15 Minutes1 Block$279$200$30Urban, Gentrification, Offices
CourtyardNew CarrolltonMD28 Minutes1 Block$179$90FreeSuburbs
CourtyardNew York Ave.DC10 Minutes1 Block$244$116$33Urban, Gentrification
Hilton GardenNew York Ave.DC10 Minutes2 Blocks$276$152$30Urban, Gentrification
Embassy SuitesPenatagon CityVA17 Minutes3 Blocks$269$139$26Urban, Airport
DoubletreePenatagon CityVA17 Minutes4 Blocks$214$101$30Urban, Airport
Residence InnPenatagon CityVA17 Minutes2 Blocks$255$144$26Urban, Airport
HyattRestonVA25 Minutes5 Min. Drive$273$120$20Suburbs, Dulles Airport
HyattRosslynVA10 Minutes1 Mile$192$101$25Urban, Bike Trail Spur, Offices
Best WesternRosslynVA10 Minutes1 Block$127$100FreeUrban, Bike Trail Spur, Offices
Le MeridienRosslynVA10 Minutes1 Block$342$161$30Urban, Bike Trail Spur, Offices
Holiday InnRosslynVA10 Minutes1 Block$176$97FreeUrban, Bike Trail Spur, Offices
MarriottRosslynVA10 Minutes1 Block$253$117$19Urban, Bike Trail Spur, Offices
Red Roof InnShady GroveMD30 Minutes4 Blocks$87$86FreeSuburbs, I-270
Hyatt HouseShady GroveMD30 Minutes3 Min. Drive$144$101FreeSuburbs, I-270
Comfort InnShady GroveMD30 Minutes3 Min. Drive$121$115FreeSuburbs, I-270
Homewood SuitesSilver SpringMD22 Minutes3 Blocks$169$109$15Urban, Familes
SheratonSilver SpringMD22 Minutes4 Blocks$212$135$15Urban, Familes
CourtyardSilver SpringMD22 Minutes4 Blocks$249$149$13Urban, Familes
DoubletreeSilver SpringMD22 Minutes3 Blocks$199$103$155Urban, Familes
Hampton InnSilver SpringMD22 Minutes3 Blocks$195$118$15Urban, Familes
Hampton InnSpring HillVA28 Minutes3 Blocks$233$139$7Suburbs, Shopping Malls
Quality InnSpring HillVA28 Minutes1 Block$104$96FreeSuburbs, Shopping Malls
Residence InnSpring HillVA28 Minutes2 Blocks$207$135FreeSuburbs, Shopping Malls
SheratonSpring HillVA28 Minutes2 Blocks$223$91$6Suburbs, Shopping Malls
HiltonTwinbrookMD25 Minutes1 Block$204$101$15Suburbs
Crowne PlazaTysons CornerVA25 Minutes1 Block$236$80$6Suburbs, Shopping Malls
MarriottTysons CornerVA25 Minutes3 Blocks$275$101FreeSuburbs, Shopping Malls
HiltonTysons CornerVA25 Minutes4 Blocks$265$89FreeSuburbs, Shopping Malls
CourtyardTysons CornerVA25 Minutes1 Block$290$79FreeSuburbs, Shopping Malls
Washington CourtUnion StationDC5 Minutes3 Blocks$256$152$46Urban, Capitol, Amtrak
HyattUnion StationDC5 Minutes3 Blocks$328$202$55Urban, Capitol, Amtrak
LiasonUnion StationDC5 Minutes3 Blocks$300$135$48Urban, Capitol, Amtrak
Hotel GeorgeUnion StationDC5 Minutes2 Blocks$369$234$45Urban, Capitol, Amtrak
Days InnVan NessDC10 Minutes3 Blocks$167$177$23Urban
Holiday InnViennaVA30 Minutes5 Min. Drive$147$87FreeSuburbs, I-66
Best WesternViennaVA30 Minutes5 Min. Drive$110$75FreeSuburbs, I-66
Rodeway InnViennaVA30 Minutes5 Min. Drive$91$97FreeSuburbs, I-66
Marriott Conference CenterWhite FlintMD25 Minutes1 Block$223$122$5Suburbs