Map of All Stations With Hotels (NEW MAPS – Hotel Rates by Station!)

washington_dc_metro_map_stations_with_hotelsUse our new maps to find all DC Metro Stations with hotels nearby. Quickly identify the cheapest hotels near each station, or the average rate for a hotel near each station. Learn about the neighborhoods around each station. Find out the average cost per night for basic rooms, in addition to parking fees, wifi fees, breakfast options and much more. Map of Stations With Hotels.

Cheap Hotels Near Washington DC Metro Stations

cheap_hotels_near_washington_dc_metro_stationsHotels all over DC offer discounted rates during the weekends. For example, a hotel in downtown DC that costs $330 on a weekday may drop below $150 on Friday and Saturday nights. Weekday travelers seeking hotel accommodations under $200 near or in downtown DC will have a limited number of options. Typically people seeking a cheap hotel near the metro in Washington, DC must consider the outer stations to finder rates consistently below $125/night. Find Cheap Hotels Near Washington DC Metro.

Free Parking – Stations Close to Metro With Free Parking

Washington DC Hotels Near Metro With Free ParkingThere are over 30 hotels near the Metro which offer free parking. Don’t expect to find any hotels near downtown DC, Smithsonian Museums, or the Capitol Hill that offer free parking. Find all the hotels near DC which offer free parking.

Hotels Outside Washington DC Near Metro Stations

hotels outside of Washington dc near metro stationsStaying outside of Washington, DC is a one of the best options for DC travelers who want to save on hotels and get more bang for their buck. Our comprehensive website will help you find the ideal hotel. Learn more about the top hotels outside DC along the Metro line here. Those traveling by car can often find hotels outside of DC which offer free parking, and those who travel into Dulles or DCA will find hotels close to the Metro and Airport. Staying outside of DC means choosing one of the many vibrant and diverse neighborhoods outside of the city. Learn more about popular DC neighborhoods..

Hotels Near Metro & DCA (Reagan National Airport)

hotels near washington dc metro and dcaFlying into DCA and staying close by the airport and Metro is easy. There are a variety of hotel options including some hidden gems that are great for economy minded travelers. All hotels near the airport will offer a free shuttle to and from the airport making it easy to make flights. A ride via Metro from DCA into downtown typically takes about 20-25 minutes. Read More about hotels near DCA.

Hotels Near Arlington Metro Stations

hotels near arlington metroArlington, VA is a set of posh urban hubs located on the Orange line. The neighborhoods of Ballston and Rosslyn are the most common to consider for hotel accommodations. Arlington is filled with young professionals, and an uncountable number of restaurants and bars catering to the 20 something crowd. Getting in and out of the city, or to Smithsonian Museums is easy and takes less than 20 minutes on the Orange line. Hotels in Arlington Near the Metro.

Best Hotels for Families Near Metro Stations

Best Hotels for Families Visiting Washington DCFamilies from all walks of life want to visit DC. Its important to consider what are the main priorities of your vacation in DC are before booking a hotel. Families visiting exclusively for Smithsonian Museums might find its best to stay near the Museums. Families will also be better served staying outside of DC if a quit safe suburban setting is needed. Our Top Hotels for Families in DC.

Best Hotels for Seeing Smithsonian Museums & Metro Access

Hotels Near Smithsonian MusuemsStaying near Smithsonian Museums comes with tradeoffs. First of all, the hotels closet to the Museums are not located near DC’s hotspots for restaurants, or nightlife. However, families who want to focus solely on Museums are in luck and will find great accommodations with unprecedented access to the National Mall. Our Top Hotels for Experiencing Smithsonian Museums.

Hotels Near Dulles Airport & the New Silver line

Hotels Near Dulles Airport & MetroFlying into Dulles and catching the Metro is getting easier. With the addiiton of the Silver line, several hotels are now within a short drive from both Dulles and the Silver line Metro Station of Reston.Learn which hotels offer a FREE shuttle to both the metro and Dulles airport.

Hotels Near Union Station Washington DC

hotel near washington dc union stationThere are four hotels within walking distance of Union Station in Washington DC. Union Station is a destination for passengers taking the Metro Red Line, Amtrak, MARC (which connects to Baltimore), and the VRE (which connects Virgina residences to DC). Find out the best hotel near Union Station Washington, DC.

Research & Written by Jeff Howard