Day Itineraries for DC Tourists

Hand Crafted Itineraries by Washington, DC Residents

We are always getting asked by our website visitors for advice on what are the best Washington, DC attractions, and places to visit. In response we have created complete end to end day itineraries for all types of travelers.

Our hand crafted itineraries lay out a paced and logical format to sightseeing in Washington, DC. By utilizing the Metro to get from one place to another we help you take in attractions and restaurants with ease.

Everyone has something unique they want to do on their Washington, DC vacation. We organize our itineraries by themes making them easy to search. We also uncover options for lunch, brunch and dinner.

Active Lifestyle

This itinerary will appeal to anyone who wants to remain active and on their feet all day while exploring Washington, DC. You’ll see the National Mall at night via bike, kayak alongside Georgetown on the Potomac, and ride a bike in Rock Creek Park before checking out the Zoo. Lunch and dinner suggestions built in. – Download the PDF

Art & Booze

This itinerary will appeal to young adults who want to take in several free Smithsonian art museums enjoy a nice dinner and then have fun going out in Dupont Circle. – Download the PDF

Family Essentials


For families who want to see it all – a guided tour, museum visit, and down-time on The National Mall. – Download the PDF

Science Buffs

This itinerary is perfect for science enthusiasts of all ages. – Download the PDF

Music Enthusiast

This itinerary will appeal to those who like music: listening to it, learning about it, exploring it, and simply enjoying it. – Download the PDF

Budget Friendly

This itinerary will appeal to those who are trying to see DC on a tight budget. In a generally expensive city, there are plenty of free (and almost free) options! – Download the PDF

Theater & Performances

This itinerary will appeal to those who would enjoy seeing a live performance – theater, concerts, ballet, opera, etc. – Download the PDF

History Buffs

This itinerary will appeal to those to enjoy learning about history, and seeing DC’s most significant historical sites. – Download the PDF


This itinerary is for anyone who loves books. Visit libraries and bookstores, authors’ homes, book cafes, and enjoy quiet, cozy places to read.
– Download the PDF

Nature Lovers

For those who love nature, and just being outside. Explore DC’s botanical gardens and manicured parks. – Download the PDF

Unique Shopping

This itinerary will appeal to those to love to shop! Check out D.C.’s fantastic shopping along the streets, and within unique markets.
– Download the PDF

Religious Stops

This is for those who are interested in visiting religious sites and learning about different religions. – Download the PDF

Sports Fans

For those who love sports, this itinerary will take you to some of the best venues in town to tour, explore, and experience.
– Download the PDF

Transportation Lovers

For those to love planes, trains, and automobiles. – Download the PDF