Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC: Flights, Driving, Bus or Train. Fastest & Cheapest + Hotels


TransportationAverage Cost Round TripTransit Time
Driving$70 (Tolls)4.5 HRS
Flights$2001 HR
Train$1005 HRS
Bus$607 HRS

Traveling from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC offers up four realistic options; driving from Pittsburgh to DC takes between 4-5hrs and will cost the average traveler $70 in gas, alongside tolls. If driving isn’t an option, a good deal on cheap flights from Pittsburgh to DC would be at least below $200. The train is a little faster than the bus at 5 hours, but nearly double the cost averaging $100 round trip. Bus tickets from Pittsburgh to DC usually run $60 round trip and the ride time is nearly 7 hours.

Saving on D.C. Hotels When Traveling from Pittsburgh, PA.


The number one way to save on parking and hotels in DC is to use the Washington, DC Metro. Below are some helpful tips when traveling from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC and looking for places to stay.

Save on Hotels When Driving from Pittsburgh to D.C.

Travelers driving from Pittsburgh to DC will arrive via I-270. The best way to avoid traffic and save on hotels in DC is to use the Metro and stay outside the city. As for Pittsburgh travelers, consider the red line Shady Grove station, or Bethesda station off I-270. Shady Grove offers cheaper hotel options and is further out in the suburbs, and Bethesda offers a more vibrant urban neighborhood closer to DC. Anticipate spending 40 minutes on the Metro to get from Shady Grove to downtown DC, and 20 for Bethesda.

Save on Hotels When taking the Bus from Pittsburgh to D.C.

Most often travelers will arrive at Union Station in downtown DC when they take the bus from Pittsburgh to DC. Unfortunately, this is also an expensive place to stay in Washington, DC with the exception of Friday and Saturday nights when DC hotel rates are reasonable. Weekday travelers arriving from Pittsburgh via the bus will want to consider using the Metro and commuting to a more affordable location. The NoMa station on the Red Line one stop away from Union Station will be the most affordable option nearby, otherwise use this Metro Map to see all stations with hotels on the Metro.

Save on Hotels When taking the Train from Pittsburgh, to D.C.

Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC by train offers up nice options to save on hotels by staying outside of the city. The Amtrak route from Pittsburgh to D.C. also stops at Rockville, MD. Get off here and take Metro one station north to Shady Grove for affordable hotels. Or, get off and stay closer to the city along the red line. In all cases your final destination will be Union Station. Hotels can get very expensive hear Union Station on weekdays.

Cheap Hotels & Flights from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC

Flying into D.C. from Pittsburgh could mean landing at Raegan National, or Dulles. Either options opens up the possibility to save on hotels by staying outside the city on the Metro lines. The Dulles airport is not yet connected to Metro, so Pittsburgh to Dulles flights will need to take the shuttle to get to the Metro. Read more about staying near Dulles airport. Flights from Pittsburgh to DCA will have more luck in terms of finding hotels. An affordable option is the Americana near the airport. Travelers might appreciate Arlington, or Alexandria as good options for business or tourism. Read more about hotel options near DCA here. Keep in mind downtown DC hotel rates drop drastically on Friday and Saturdays.