Best Cities for Mountain Biking

mountain biking washington dc

About the Data & Study

I’m obsessed with maps, especially ones about mountain biking (me above). has become the go to website for me to find and explore new trails. Anytime I look up the top mountain biking destinations the list is usually filled with smaller towns. While destinations like Bend, State College (PA), and Moab are cool, most people don’t live there, probably won’t be traveling there on happenstance, or would be able to consider moving there.

With this study I set out to rank the major U.S. cities for mountain biking. I created a power rating system that weights overall variety, votes by riders, and gives extra weight to the top featured ride. The equation is below. Some destinations had a lot of votes, in order to help normalize this I created a class system for votes. (250+ =5, 100+ = 4, 50+ =3, 25+ =2, 25less =1, 10less =.5).

Power Rating = (Featured Rides Within 25 Miles * Vote Class)+Votes for Top Featured Ride

It is interesting to see Washington, D.C. is ranked #1 in the Northeast, and in the top 50. This was largely due to the Fountain Head trail in Virginia near Washington, D.C. Be sure to use the Google Map, it links to all of the top rides at

[infogram id=”6a363b30-8059-40a9-89bc-be1ea8339908″ prefix=”Rm4″ format=”interactive” title=”MTB – Main Top 50″]

[infogram id=”27b3e74f-212f-44ff-aa84-7cf38c6c95bf” prefix=”v0g” format=”interactive” title=”MTB – Region – Western”]

[infogram id=”a9623200-c449-4cf1-b2e2-26c8cc4d84bc” prefix=”uQp” format=”interactive” title=”MTB – Region – Southeast”]

[infogram id=”a22393b6-2c37-4d6d-a14f-79fab70fc239″ prefix=”yUf” format=”interactive” title=”MTB – Region – NorthEast”]

[infogram id=”dac4980c-33e9-4ebe-85a4-4fcaad49ff1b” prefix=”UFH” format=”interactive” title=”MTB – Region – Midwest”]

[infogram id=”d13f5ec3-9532-46af-bde6-f268a1d660b6″ prefix=”Jec” format=”interactive” title=”MTB – Region – Southwest”]