The Local’s Guide to Washington, DC Vacation Rentals

Most people looking for a vacation rental around Washington, DC have the same criteria. Groups and families want to find a reliable yet cheap vacation rental with free parking and close access to all that Washington, DC has to offers. The good news is that there are an abundance of quality family vacation rentals in Washington, DC near the Metro. The Metro makes life a lot easier in D.C. This site helps visitors to DC find a place to stay near the Metro and get to know how to use DC’s subway that spans over 100 miles. We took a deeper look into what rentals are available with Metro access and here is what we have found.
washington dc vacation rentals

Vacation Rentals vs. Airbnb in Washington, DC

HomeAway is one of the biggest and most well known websites for booking. Where Airbnb is much more communal, Homeaway tends to be a bit more official with larger spaces and slightly higher prices. Overall, Homeaway is a great resource for seasoned travelers and larger groups going on trips together. Most places are child friendly with a few rare exceptions. Most of the listings are unfortunately not pet friendly. Although, there are a few listings that will consider pets!

Washington, DC Vacation Rental with Parking

Since HomeAway is catered more towards large groups and travel-pros, many of the listings offer free parking. This is a huge benefit specifically for groups and families who may want to drive to the D.C. area, but not have to pay the expensive parking rates at a garage or the strict street parking rules that limits street parking to 2 hours.

Remember to mention parking when you book! Many hosts will get you a parking-permit, they will just need your car’s license plate number and state.

D.C. has an incredible metro system that can take you anywhere you need to go, including the outskirts into Maryland and Virginia! Some metro stations even offer day parking as cheap as $5 a day, which is convenient if you choose to stay in Maryland or Virginia in the outskirts of the D.C. city limit, as some of the rentals may be a bit far to walk to the metro station.

Washington, DC Rentals With Free Parking

AreaMin StayParkingBuildingAccomodatesAvg. NightlyBook
Adams Morgan2FreeApartment2$184View & Book
Adams Morgan2FreeApartment4$149View & Book
Alexandria, VA2FreeHouse5$192View & Book
Alexandria, VA3FreeHouse5$193View & Book
Arlington, VA2FreeHouse5$245View & Book
Arlington, VA4FreeHouse6$188View & Book
Arlington, VA3FreeHouse10$325View & Book
Bethesda, MD4FreeApartment4$123View & Book
Bethesda, MD4FreeHouse6$300View & Book
Bloomingdale3FreeApartment4$114View & Book
Capitol Hill2FreeHouse4$300View & Book
Capitol Hill1FreeHouse6$195View & Book
Colonial Village3FreeHouse6$299View & Book
Columbia Heights2FreeApartment5$175View & Book
Dupont Circle3FreeHouse6$300View & Book
Foggy Bottom2FreeHouse8$399View & Book
Le Droit Park3FreeApartment5$207View & Book
Le Droit Park4FreeHouse14$363View & Book
Palisades2FreeApartment4$131View & Book
Palisades2FreeApartment4$131View & Book
Petworth2FreeApartment6$155View & Book
Shaw2FreeApartment5$222View & Book
Silver Spring, MD2FreeHouse16$500View & Book
Silver Spring, MD2FreeHouse6$135View & Book
Southwest2FreeApartment6$260View & Book

Vacation Rentals in Maryland & Virginia Near the Metro

If you want to visit D.C. but would prefer a quieter home to relax in, look into the outskirts in Virginia and Maryland. Alexandria, VA, Arlington, VA, Bethesda, MD and Silver Spring, MD are all near D.C. metro lines and offer a more relaxed and quiet option for families and groups. Getting into D.C. by car only takes about 15 minutes from Alexandria and Arlington, and about 25 minutes from Bethesda and Silver Spring. Being outside of the city, these areas also offer larger homes and extra parking in driveways and street parking.

One to two bedroom rentals range from $123-$245 per night and averages $176 per night. These homes can usually accommodate 1-6 people although we recommend keeping it to 4 people for a two bedroom unless the rental also includes an extra bed or sofa bed.

For larger groups and family of 4 or more, Virginia and Maryland are ideal rental prospects for your trip to D.C.! The homes in these areas are more spacious and can typically accommodate extra cars. Three bedroom to six bedroom homes range from $193-$500 with an average cost per night of $330.

Arlington and Alexandria are west of D.C. and are very close to the Ronald Reagan National Airport, as well as the Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon.

Bethesda and Silver Spring are located north of D.C. past the Smithsonian National Zoo, American University, and the Catholic University of America.

All these areas have a distinctive identity with plenty of restaurants and shops to explore.

Maryland Vacation Rentals in Washington, DC

AreaMin StayParkingTypeAccomodatesAvg. NightlyView & Book
Silver Spring, MD2YesHouse16$500View Rental & Book
Silver Spring, MD2YesHouse6$135View Rental & Book
Bethesda, MD4YesApartment4$123View Rental & Book
Bethesda, MD4YesHouse6$300View Rental & Book

Virginia Vacation Rentals in Washington, DC

AreaMin StayParkingTypeAccomodatesAvg. NightlyView & Boook
Alexandria, VA2YesHouse5$192View Rental & Book
Alexandria, VA3YesHouse5$193View Rental & Book
Arlington, VA2YesHouse5$245View Rental & Book
Arlington, VA4YesHouse6$188View Rental & Book
Arlington, VA3YesHouse10$325View Rental & Book

Vacation Rentals in the District near the Metro

vacations rentals in dc
Staying in the D.C. area can be fun, exciting, and convenient. With so many unique neighborhoods and attractions, D.C. is a great experience for solo travelers, families, couples and friends. By staying in D.C., you are able to explore the city easily and see the historic sites through the many public transportation options, as well as taxi and ridesharing services.

As we mentioned before, HomeAway tends to be more expensive than their counterpart Airbnb. Studio, single bedroom and two bedroom homes range from $114-$300 per night and averages $179 per night (not including fees or tax) — most of these homes are apartments, with a few houses included, in the Adams Morgan, Shaw, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Capitol Hill and Dupont Circle area.

If you’re looking for a larger place to stay for a family or large group of 5 or more, you will have more limited options. Don’t fret! Because that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Three to four bedrooms range from $299-$399 and average about $336 per night in Dupont Circle, Le Droit Park, Capitol Hill and Foggy Bottom areas.

There are some homes that are even larger, but they jump in price drastically so we omitted them.

AreaMin StayParkingTypeAccomodatesAvg. NightlyView & Book
Adams Morgan2FreeApartment2$184View Rental & Book
Adams Morgan2YesApartment4$149View Rental & Book
Bloomingdale3YesApartment4$114View Rental & Book
Capitol Hill2Nohouse3$175View Rental & Book
Capitol Hill2YesHouse4$300View Rental & Book
Capitol Hill1YesHouse6$195View Rental & Book
Colonial Village3YesHouse6$299View Rental & Book
Columbia Heights2YesApartment5$175View Rental & Book
Dupont Circle2NoApartment2$152View Rental & Book
Dupont Circle3YesHouse6$300View Rental & Book
Dupont Circle2NoApartment3$149View Rental & Book
Foggy Bottom1NoApartment6$229View Rental & Book
Foggy Bottom2YesHouse8$399View Rental & Book
Georgetown2NoHouse4$149View Rental & Book
Le Droit Park3YesApartment5$207View Rental & Book
Le Droit Park4YesHouse14$363View Rental & Book
Northeast2NoApartment4$182View Rental & Book
Palisades2YesApartment4$131View Rental & Book
Palisades2YesApartment4$131View Rental & Book
Petworth2YesApartment6$155View Rental & Book
Shaw2NoApartment3$135View Rental & Book
Shaw2YesApartment5$222View Rental & Book
Southwest2YesApartment6$260View Rental & Book

When Vacation Rentals Rates Peak for Washington, DC

family vacation rentals in washington dc
Rental prices can fluctuate based on the timing. Summer months tend to be more expensive and autumn months cheaper. Similar to Airbnb, most rentals are more expensive on weekends. The prices we found are averaged from the various prices throughout the year.

If you intend on staying for a week or longer, a lot of rentals offer cheaper weekly rates; which can save you hundreds. The same goes for monthly rentals, for those who need to stay in the D.C. area for longer.

Although there are some homes that can be rented for a single night, a majority requires at least two nights stay. In some cases, due to availability, they will range or fluctuate between 2-5 nights. Therefore, HomeAway is geared towards planned trips for longer than most Airbnbs, so be sure to plan accordingly and make sure your dates are available.

Common Fees and Deposits with Vacation Rentals

A majority of the properties will include a cleaning fee from $45, for small homes and apartments, to $230 for larger homes. Security deposits (if required) can range from $100-$600. Many of the properties will not require a security deposit, but may have a $59 property damage fee. Think of it as insurance in case anything happens to the rental, which is quite a good deal and a perk of HomeAway’s services.

For properties that allow pets, some may have a pet fee as low as $10, up to $100. Remember to ask hosts about their pet policy!

Some of the homes may require a 14.5% D.C. hotel tax, if they are listed as “transient accomodations”. Make sure to pay attention to the rates!

Unlike Airbnb, HomeAway doesn’t charge a processing fee because they don’t directly handle payments (the host does).