Hotel Deals for Flying Into DCA

Watch this video to learn about affordable places to stay near the DCA airport. Also find out how to find the best hotel deal for these location, or start searching hotel deals now.

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Step 1: Check Franconia Hotel Deals

About Franconia / Springfield Hotels & Neighborhood

Franconia / Springfield This area is best suited for travelers who don’t mind using a hotel shuttle or driving their car to get to the Metro. The location offers up chain restaurants and strip malls. Travelers will be pleased with the savings they can find on nearby adequate hotels when compared to other areas around Washington, DC. While its proximity to the interchange leaves the neighborhood lacking in many ways, its convenience to all of the area’s major highways cannot be denied. The Franconia-Springfield stop is located at the very end of the blue and yellow metro lines in suburban Virginia. This is mainly a commuter area where you’ll find your typical suburban sprawl. This area isn’t very walkable, so you’ll need a car to get around the immediate area. Visitors heading into the city should take the metro; traffic through this area can often be at a standstill.

Step 2: Check Eisenhower Hotel Deals

About Eisenhower Hotels & Neighborhood

Eisenhower (Alexandria) Sitting just outside Alexandria, the Eisenhower station neighborhood will appeal to travelers who want to sacrifice a little bit of location for savings. Hotels near the station offer free parking. There are still restaurants within walking distance, but the location won’t have the same appeal as other Alexandria stations like Braddock or King Street. The area is still in an urban setting, and restaurants are still within walking distance. Try Montana Ted’s Grill only a block or two away from the station for an excellent bison burger. Most people staying near the Eisenhower are saving on hotels compared to other options in Alexandria. With that being said, Eisenhower can still be considered a part of Alexandria, but you’ll have to walk a little further to all the main attractions.