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Step #1: Check Dupont Circle Hotel Deals

About Dupont Circle Hotels & Neighborhood

Dupont Circle Dupont Circle is a trendy, urban area in the heart of DC. It is perfect for a romantic getaway to Washington, DC. Close to downtown and to the major tourist destinations, this neighborhood is a mix of many things—high rise buildings and massive row homes, young professionals and seasoned diplomats, local boutiques and national chains. A bustling area full of embassies and wealthy residents, this area is comfortable and regarded as safe by nearly all travelers. As for things to do at night the area is home to the DC Improv, dive bars (try the Big Hunt), dance clubs (Eighteenth Street Lounge is a local favorite), and many restaurants. Give Dupont Circle consideration if you are coming to Washington, DC, but be prepared to pay dearly for parking, and extra on hotels.

Step 2: Check Chinatown Hotel Deals

About Chinatown Hotel Deals & Neighborhood

Chinatown Chinatown is the pulse of downtown DC. The area is home to the National Portrait Smithsonian Museum, Spy Museum and home to many bars and restaurants that keep things happening at all times. It’s easy to walk to the National Mall from here. Visitors not interested in a noisy, rowdy neighborhood should look elsewhere. Visitors will notice a higher amount of panhandling in Chinatown and should be cautious in the area at night. Chinatown is the home of the Verizon Center which hosts the Washington Capitals, Wizards, and Mystic. The Verizon Center also hosts major concerts and a variety of other entertainment options throughout the year. This area boasts a wide variety of dining options and nightlife. While there aren’t as many Chinese restaurants as you might expect, visit China Boy for a no-frills but authentic and budget-friendly experience

Step 3: Check L’Enfant Hotel Deals

About L’Enfant Hotels & Neighborhood

L’Enfant The neighborhood near the L’Enfant Metro, south of the National Mall is best for families who want to prioritize the walking to the National Mall every day, or intellectuals reluctant for nightlife. The area is surrounded by massive government buildings and when five o’clock rolls past commuters travel home leaving the area bland and sterile. Sometimes this is welcomed for those who enjoy peaceful surroundings, but a burden for those who crave nearby restaurants and the thrill of locals heading out for nightlife. The Mall is at its busiest during the day, but it is regarded as safe to stick around to view the beauty of the monuments lit up after dark. Altogether this neighborhood won’t appeal to all, but is close by to downtown and DCA via Metro, plus 395 runs adjacent to the neighborhood making for easy highway access.

Step 4: Check Foggy Bottom Hotel Deals

About Foggy-Bottom Hotels & Neighborhood

Foggy Bottom Foggy Bottom is an urban neighborhood that is a mix of residential row homes and businesses. Home to George Washington University, you’ll find a lot of college students, making this a vibrant and safe neighborhood. In addition to GW, Foggy Bottom is home to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Get tickets to a performance or catch a free concert on their Millenium Stage. The Kennedy Center’s terrace offers an unrivaled view of the Potomac as well. From Foggy Bottom, you’re a short walk into Georgetown, which has no metro stops, for all of the world class shopping and dining that area offers. Bikers and joggers will enjoy easy access to the Rock Creek Park Trails and, by crossing the Route 66 bridge, Mount Vernon Trail and Theodore Roosevelt Island. Because of the major presence of GW, you’ll find much of the area’s nightlife is dedicated to the college demographic. So if college dive bars are your thing, you can’t go wrong with Tonic or The Exchange.

Step 5: Check Farragut Sq. Hotel Deals

About Farragut Sq. Hotels & Neighborhood

Farragut Sq. The area around Farragut and McPherson Squares is mostly a commercial district. With K Street—famous home to Washington lobbyists—as its northern boarder, this area is bustling from 9 to 5, but tends to clear out after dinner and on weekends. For tourists, this area affords easy access to the White House, but you will have a bit of a longer walk to the rest of DC’s attractions. Like many of the city’s urban parks, the Squares draw a number of DC’s homeless, but generally you should expect to feel safe walking around. Farragut Square in particular is a popular weekday spot for food trucks. The 9 to 5 nature of the area can make finding an open coffee shop or lunch spot difficult on weekends, but you’ll have plenty of sit-down options. For visitors seeking an area with a strong neighborhood feel, Farragut and McPherson may lack charm.