Hotel Deals for Getting to BWI

Watch this video to learn about how to get to and from BWI airport, as well as how to find the best places to stay near transportation options to and from BWI airport. Also find out how to find the best hotel deal for these locations, or search hotel deals now.

How to Get from BWI to Washington, DC

Shuttle from BWI to the MARC Train: If you want to get from BWI to Washington, DC and find a hotel in a location that accommodates getting to and from the airport it is best to utilize the MARC train system. In order, to get to the MARC BWI train station, first you’ll need to use a shuttle service that connects to the terminal at BWI. The shuttle ride over to the MARC BWI station is only 10 minutes or less. The shuttle is also free.

Stay Near MARC Stations in Washington, DC: Once you are at the station you can take the train to New Carrollton (connects with the DC Metro), or Union Station in downtown Washington, DC (also connects with the Metro). At New Carrollton there is one hotel within walking distance to the Metro / MARC station. That is hotel is the Courtyard by Marriott. At New Carrollton you can then use the DC Metro system to connect deeper into Washington, DC. Often you’ll find New Carrollton has a lower hotel rates on the weekdays vs. downtown Washington, DC. Weekend visitors should compare staying at New Carrollton vs. downtown DC to see if the rates are comparable. Typically hotel rates drop between $50 to $75 on the weekend throughout Washington, DC. It will take between 30 to 45 minutes to ride the train from BWI to Washington, DC.

Shuttle from BWI Terminal to MARC Station

MARC Line from BWI to New Carrollton & Union Station in Washington, DC

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Step 1: Check New Carollton Hotel Deals

About New Carollton Hotels & Neighborhood

New Carrollton New Carrollton is a suburban area located in Maryland at the end of the orange metro line. It is also located on the Amtrak and MARC train routes making it a ideal spot between BWI and downtown Washington, DC. This is a commuter town populated with families and older professionals. While New Carrollton is safe town, there is not much to distinguish it from other suburbs. The area around the metro and the hotels in New Carrollton are mostly office park and strip mall type places.

Step 2: Check Union Station Hotel Deals

About Union Station Hotels & Neighborhood

Union Station Union Station is a neighborhood adjacent to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. To the west, the neighborhood is made up of businesses and government buildings, as well as being home to Georgetown University’s law school. To the east, you’ll find traditional DC rowhomes. This is an area that has been rapidly revitalizing, and the more residential areas are fairly safe. The main attraction of this area is its proximity to the Capitol and the Senate office buildings. From Union Station, you are also within walking distance to the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court. Within the neighborhood itself, visit the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum, lesser-known but also less crowded than its sister museums on the National Mall. Keep in mind, the area in which the hotels are located is in close proximity to one of the city’s biggest homeless shelters. That, and the bustling nature of the train station that gives the area its name makes this neighborhood one in which visitors should exercise caution.

Using Express Bus, Logistics & Hotel Deals for Getting from BWI

There are two express bus routes that connect BWI to Washington, DC. These two routes are the 201 which connects the BWI terminal with the Shady Grove DC Metro station in a little under and hour (no traffic) and the B30 which connects to the Greenbelt DC Metro station within 30 minutes (no traffic).

PROS & CONS: The pros to these bus routes are that you will not have to take the shuttle to get from the MARC station to the BWI airport Terminal. This should save on average 20 minutes. The cons are that there are no hotel options within walking distance to the Greenbelt Metro station, nor at Shady Grove.

As for Shady Grove the local hotels offer shuttles to and from the Metro station. You can expect to spend 45 minutes commuting into downtown Washington, DC from Shady Grove.  This should be one of the best locations for saving money on a hotel near the Metro.

If you chose to bus to Greenbelt, it would be best to look for a hotel in downtown, or near the L’Enfant Metro. Below are tools and neighborhood descriptions for those areas.

Step 3: Check Shady Grove Hotel Deals

About Shady Grove Hotels & Neighborhood

Shady Grove Shady Grove is the best location to consider for travelers coming north down either I-95, or I-270. There are no hotels within a short walk to the Metro, but the local hotel offer shuttle service to and from the Metro. If that is not appealing then parking is available at the station for $5 and there are 77 spaces available. While the commute into on the Metro D.C. is about 40 minutes the savings on hotels is usually consistent. Some of the hotels are within walking distance, but most people will want to utilize the hotel shuttle or drive over to the station where parking is available. The area is suburban Washington, DC. The Shady Grove metro stop is at the very end of the red line in between Rockville and Gaithersburg, Maryland. This area is suburban, filled with office parks and housing developments. Convenient to I270, this metro stop offers free and plentiful parking on weekends. However, the ride into downtown DC will take approximately 45 minutes.

Step 4: Check Chinatown Hotel Deals

About Chinatown Hotels & Neigborhood

Chinatown Chinatown is the pulse of downtown DC. The area is home to the National Portrait Smithsonian Museum, Spy Museum and home to many bars and restaurants that keep things happening at all times. It’s easy to walk to the National Mall from here. Visitors not interested in a noisy, rowdy neighborhood should look elsewhere. Visitors will notice a higher amount of panhandling in Chinatown and should be cautious in the area at night. Chinatown is the home of the Verizon Center which hosts the Washington Capitals, Wizards, and Mystic. The Verizon Center also hosts major concerts and a variety of other entertainment options throughout the year. This area boasts a wide variety of dining options and nightlife. While there aren’t as many Chinese restaurants as you might expect, visit China Boy for a no-frills but authentic and budget-friendly experience

Step 5: Check L’Enfant Hotel Deals

About L’Enfant Hotels & Neighborhood

L’Enfant The neighborhood near the L’Enfant Metro, south of the National Mall is best for families who want to prioritize the walking to the National Mall every day, or intellectuals reluctant for nightlife. The area is surrounded by massive government buildings and when five o’clock rolls past commuters travel home leaving the area bland and sterile. Sometimes this is welcomed for those who enjoy peaceful surroundings, but a burden for those who crave nearby restaurants and the thrill of locals heading out for nightlife. The Mall is at its busiest during the day, but it is regarded as safe to stick around to view the beauty of the monuments lit up after dark. Altogether this neighborhood won’t appeal to all, but is close by to downtown and DCA via Metro, plus 395 runs adjacent to the neighborhood making for easy highway access.