Washington DC Hotels that Allow Pets

Washington DC Hotels that Allow PetsTypically hotels near the Washing DC Metro have one of the following pet policies; a) they love pets and have pet VIP programs, b) they allow pets with no extra fees, c) they have a large fee associated with bringing a pet (sometimes along with a weight limit), or d) they do not allow pets.

The Best Hotel for Pets in Washington DC

The Washington Court Hotel near Union Station in Downtown Washington, DC is the best hotel in the District for Pets. Pets packages are available and all pets are kept on a specific floor as part of Power Pooch Package. Four legged friends can appreciate beds, treats and the hotel staff has prepared a list of the top places and activities to help with your four legged friend.

Hotels in Washington, DC – Pets Welcomed, No Fees

Hotels With Conditional Pet Policies Like Weight & Fees

Follow the links to find pet fees, and policy information as well as average rates and more.

Research & Written by Jeff Howard