DC Metro Neighborhood Characteristics

map_of_hotels_near_washington_dc_homepage_smallBelow is a summary of the neighborhoods in DC, Maryland and Virgina that have both a Metro station and hotels near that Metro station. Washington, DC is made up of a mix of urban pockets. Each of these areas differs quite a bit. From the historic charm or Alexandria, bustling bar scene at Clarendon, or the brownstone embassies in Dupont Circle, the Metro offers travelers a lot of choices when planning a trip to DC.

FAQ When Seeking a Hotels Near the DC Metro

Hotels Near DCA Reagan National Airport

  • Crystal City (Blue, Yellow) – 7 Hotels – Crystal City is a practically next to Regan International, only one Metro stop away. Every hotel offers FREE shuttle services which will have you at the terminal in less than 10 minutes. While the area is cookie cutter chain restaurants and office buildings its also easy to access downtown via the yellow line. There are many hotel choices. Hotels Near the Crystal City Metro Station.
  • Pentagon City (Blue, Yellow) – 5 Hotels – Tourist and business folks alike will find the location of the Pentagon City Metro stop accommodating because its within 2-3 stops of DCA, Downtown, and Alexandria. This stop is pretty much in the same area as Crystal City. There are many hotel options very close to the Metro. Hotels Near the Pentagon City Metro Station.

Hotels With FREE Shuttle to Dulles Airport & Metro

  • Reston (Silver Line) – 1 Hotel – While there are no hotels within walking distance the Hyatt is one of the only hotels that is advertising both a shuttle to the Metro and Dulles airport. The Hyatt is the only hotel near Dulles that sits in the charming Reston Town Center. Hotels near Reston Metro Station.

Hotels Near Downtown DC Metro Stations

  • Metro Center (Orange, Blue, Red) – 3 Hotels – The name doesn’t fool. Metro Center is the center of the city, staying in this area means you will have quick access to all metro lines, and top tourist spots, shopping and restaurants. Many of the hotels in this area are always up to date and trendy no matter what the brand name. Hotels Near Metro Center Station Station.
  • Chinatown / Gallery (Red, Yellow, Green) – 3 Hotels – Chinatown is the hub of DC. It is the central point in downtown. The station here connects the yellow, green and red line making it easy to get to the airport. For those that want convenience to everything Chinatown is the area to stay. Hotels Near the Chinatown / Gallery Metro Station.
  • Farragut West (Red, Blue, Orange) – 3 Hotels – Farragut is built for business travel, and is the lobbyist office hub of the city. it is the closets stop to the White House. Getting around is easy from Farragut because the red line and orange line are only one block away from each other. Tourist can easily walk the Mall from here. Hotels Near the Farragut North Metro Station.
  • McPherson Square (Orange, Blue) – 2 Hotels – This station is located downtown. The area surrounding hotels near the McPherson Sq metro is probably better suited for business travelers than tourist. Accessing Washington DC’s airport is easy by using the blue line. The Mall is walkable from here.Hotels Near the McPherson Square Metro Station.
  • Foggy Bottom / GWU (Orange, Blue) – 5 Hotels – This stop is host to George Washington University which has a diverse and affluent student body. Foggy-bottom is situated close to the Kennedy Center, Georgetown and Dupont circle. The hotel price points seem to be a lower than other options deeper into downtown.Hotels Near the Foggy Bottom / GW West Metro Station.
  • Mt. Vernon (Red) – 1 Bed & Breakfast – This area sits just outside of central downtown DC. It is convenient to the city, and there are some restaurants nearby. The setting is the start of DC’s urban neighborhoods.Hotels Near the Mt. Vernon Metro Station.
  • Union Station (Red) – 4 Hotels – The biggest perk to this area is quick access to Amtrack, MARC & VRE. The area around Union Station is suited for business travelers, and your budget will need to be more significant in this area of the city. The Mall, Capital, and many other government offices and musings are close by.Hotels Near Union Station Metro.
  • New York Ave (Red) – 2 Hotels – Just one stop away from the beginning of DC’s downtown. The area around the New York Ave. metro station area can be classified as “up and coming,” for those willing to convince themselves of its potential. Its probably best to avoid this area if you’re traveling with a family. But, business travelers who want to be close to the city and perhaps pay a little less may find some value here. Hotels Near the New York Ave Metro Station.
  • Stations w/o Hotels Nearby – 1 Hotel – Federal Triangle Metro Station, Archives Metro Station, Judiciary Square Metro Station

Hotels in NW DC toward Maryland on Red Line

  • Dupont Circle (Red) – 5 Hotels – Dupont Circle is a charismatic historic urban neighborhood only a couple of stops from downtown. Tourist and business travelers alike may find that it is a nice retreat from the city and National Mall hubs. There are lots of restaurants and nightlife options. Hotels Near the Dupont Circle Metro Station.
  • Adam’s Morgan (Red) – 2 Hotels – Also the stop for the National Zoo, and labeled as the Woodley Park on the Metro Map. Hotels near the Adam’s Morgan metro will be nice for a tourist with a larger budget. Accessing the city is pretty easy on the red line, and the neighborhood will give you a bigger perspective on the DC area than just government buildings and museums. Hotels Near the Adam’s Morgan Metro Station.
  • Van Ness / UDC (Red) – 1 Hotel – This metro station services the University of DC along with a handful of embassies nearby the university. There are several casual dinning options near the station. This station is not too far from DC’s tourist attractions and popular nightlife spots. It will help you get to know the city outside of downtown. Hotels Near the Van Ness / UDC Metro Station.
  • Friendship Heights (Red) – 2 Hotels – This is an upscale neighborhood that borders the affluent Chevy Chase area which rides the NW border of DC and MD. There are two hotel options very close to the Metro. There are several upscale shopping facilities, and many restaurants nearby. Hotels Near the Friendship Heights Metro Station.
  • Stations w/o Hotels Nearby – Tennlytown Metro Station

Hotels South of the National Mall, Closest to Monuments & Museums

  • Smithsonian (Orange, Blue) – 1 Hotel – This stations is the only station on the National Mall. Families or tourist who want to spend all their vacation time on the National Mall should highly consider staying in this area. Hotels Near the Smithsonian Metro Station.
  • L’enfant (Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green) – 2 Hotels – The area around the L’enfant metro is made up of huge government bureau buildings. There are three distinct hotel options, and this is an ideal area for tourist strictly interested in seeing the National Mall. Business travelers will enjoy the shortest metro ride to DCA. Hotels Near L’enfant Metro Station.
  • Federal Center (Orange, Blue) – 1 Hotel – This station sits two blocks south of the National Mall, but the area is bland without a lot to offer in terms of restaurants and nightlife. Hotels Near the Federal Center Metro Station.
  • Capital South (Orange, Blue) – 1 Hotel – This is a good jump off point if you have business with one of our elected representatives or if you’re a tourist visiting the Library of Congress or Supreme Court. The area offers up lots of restaurants and is safe. Hotels Near the Capital South Metro Station.

Hotels Near Alexandria Metro Stations

  • King Street / Alexandria (Yellow, Blue) – 3 Hotels – The King Street Metro Station in Alexandria sits on the business end of Old Town (Alexandria), and connects with Amtrak, aka the VRE. There are several hotels within walking distance, but keep in mind Alexandria’s Old Town which contains all the shops and restaurants is a 20 minute walk from this Metro stop and all the hotels. Hotels Near the King Street / Alexandria Metro Station.
  • Huntington / Eisenhower (Yellow) – 2 Hotels – Hotels near the Eisenhower & Huntington metro stops offer free parking. This can be hard to come by at other Alexandria hotels. There is one hotel within walking distance to the metro. Hotels Near the Huntington / Eisenhower Metro Stations.
  • Stations w/o Hotels Nearby – Braddock Road Metro Station, Van Dorn Street Metro Station

Hotels Near Arlington Metro Stations

  • Rosslyn (Orange) – 5 Hotels – At the tip of Arlington, Rosslyn is more business oriented than residential, and is a 15 minute walk over the Key Bridge to Georgetown. This makes Rosslyn a nice alternative to staying in Georgetown which doesn’t have Metro access and is more expensive. Rosslyn offers a location at the crossroads of Arlington, the Airport, Georgetown, the Mall, and downtown DC. A utility area for all types of visits to DC. Hotels Near the Rosslyn Metro Station.
  • Clarendon / Courthouse (Orange) – 3 Hotels – In between these stops are endless restaurants and bars with options for breakfast lunch, brunch or dinner. This is the most vibrant area in Arlington, VA. The area is safe and filled with young professionals. Hotels Near the Clarendon / Courthouse Metro Stations.
  • Ballston (Orange) – 5 Hotels – Ballston is mix of office buildings, condos and apartments. There is a yuppie feel to it, but the neighborhood is safe and there are over 40 restaurants or bars to choose from. This is a quick ride into the city and right off the end of 66. Hotels Near the Ballston Metro Station.
  • Stations w/o Hotels Nearby – Pentagon Metro Station, Arlington Cemetery Metro Station, Virgina Square Metro Station

Hotels in NW Suburban Maryland on Red Line

  • Bethesda (Red) – 4 Hotels – Downtown Bethesda is in the affluent Maryland suburbs of DC. This area offers unparalleled dining options when compared to other areas in DC. Bethesda leans more toward families and older young professionals. The area is safe, and is about a 20 minute ride from downtown. Hotels Near the Bethesda Metro Station.
  • Medical Center / NIH (Red) – 1 Hotel – The Doubletree is the closest hotel to NIH / Medical Center, it is about a 15 minute walk away. This stop is about a 12 to 15 minute walk from downtown Bethesda. The station was built to service NIH. Hotels Near the Medical Center / NIH Metro Station.
  • White Flint (Red) – 1 Hotel – The only reason to stay near this stop would be for proximity to a work event or if you are looking or a hotel in suburbia Maryland close to the MARC. The area is snarled with traffic, strip malls. There is only one hotel near the White Flint Metro stop. Hotels Near the White Flint Metro Station.
  • Twinbrook (Red) – 1 Hotel – Similar to the White Flint station this area is also snarled with congestion, unless you have a reason to be staying here such as family close by, or business Twinbrook isn’t a good option for tourist. Hotels Near the Twinbrook Metro Station.
  • Shady Grove (Red) – 3 Hotels – Shady Grove is an excellent station to find savings on a hotel near the Metro. The down side is the long ride time into DC. Travelers who plan to spend most of their time in Bethesda might want to stay in Shady Grove and commute in via the Red line.Hotels Near the Shady Grove Metro Station.
  • Stations w/o Hotels Nearby – Grosvenor & Strahmore Metro Station, Rockville Metro Station.

Hotels in Suburban Virgina on Orange Line

  • Falls Church (Orange) – 1 Hotel – The East & West Falls Church Metro Stops run along I-66, west of Arlington’s Ballston neighborhood which is more urban like. The vibe here is suburbia, there is one hotel very close to the metro line. Hotels Near the Falls Church Metro Stations.
  • Dunn-Loring (Orange) – 1 Hotel – The Dunn-Loring Metro Station sits between Falls Church and Tyson’s Corner along I-66. Falls Church has its charm, Tysons Corner has the shopping malls. There is one hotel just across the street from the metro station. Hotels Near the Dunn-Loring Metro Station.
  • Vienna – 3 Hotels – Vienna is the last stop on the Orange Line. You’ll find affordable hotels hear. It is in everyday suburbia. The area is safe, but non of the hotels are within walking distance to the metro. It’s worth noting many people stay here for the proximity to George Mason University’s Main Campus. Hotels Near the Vienna Metro Station.
  • Franconia / Springfield, (Further South Along 95, Yellow, Blue) – 3 Hotels – Franconia / Springfield is a cluster of highways, strip malls, and one old large mall. This is not an ideal place to hang around for the evening when coming back from site seeing. There is little to do here other than eat at a chain restaurant. At best it’s a place to save some bucks on more expensive hotel options closer to the city. There aren’t hotels within walking distance, but some hotels will shuttle you over. Hotels Near the Franconia / Springfield Metro Station.
  • Stations w/o Hotels NearbyWest Falls Church Metro Station

Hotels in Suburban Virgina on Silver Line

  • Tysons Corner (Silver Line) – 4 Hotels – Best known for its massive malls. There are two hotels within 2 blocks of the metro, and two other hotels 4 blocks away. The malls are 1 block from the station. Anticipate spending 30 to 40 minutes on the metro riding into downtown DC. Hotels Near Tysons Corner Metro Station
  • Spring Hill (Silver Line) – 3 Hotels – This station is located in the Tysons Corner not far from the malls down the busy Leesburg Pike. The hotels are surrounded by car dealerships and strip malls all are within walking distance to the metro station. Hotels Near Spring Hill Metro Center

Hotels Near Nationals Ballpark or Fedex Field for Redskins

  • Navy Yard (National’s Park Closest, Green) – 1 Hotel – If baseball is the main reasons for visiting DC then Navy Yard is your best bet. This area is where downtown is expanding, but the area borders some lousy neighborhoods. It will be easy to get here from the airport. Hotels Near the Navy Yard Metro Station.
  • Largo Town Center (Fedex Field Stop Closest, Blue, Orange) – 3 Hotels – Largo is a common destination for fans who are attending events at Fedex Field. Largo Town Center is situated at the end of the Blue Line SE of DC. It is roughly 10 miles outside of the city in Prince George’s County MD. Depending on who you talk to the area is labeled as questionable. Hotels Near the Largo Town Center Metro Station.
  • New Carrollton (Fedex Field Stop, Orange) – 1 Hotel – This is the last stop on the orange line. There is one hotel near the New Carrollton metro station and it is within walking distance. This is the second closets stop to Fedex Field. A car ride from Fedex Field to New Carlton will take about 10 minutes. Hotels Near the New Carlton Metro Station.

Hotels in NE Maryland toward Silver Springs & Maryland University

  • Silver Spring (Red) – 4 Hotels – Silver Spring, Maryland is better suited for visitors to DC who are not tourists and need a place to stay close to work or family in the northern Maryland suburbs. There are several hotel options near the revitalized downtown area. Hotels Near the Silver Spring Metro Station.
  • College Park (Maryland University, Green, Yellow) – 2 Hotels – College Park is a suburban setting, and is also where the University of Maryland resides. There is only one hotel near the College Park metro which is within walking distance. The MARC has a stop in College Park. Hotels are less expensive here. College Park is North East of the city.Hotels Near the College Park Metro Station.
  • Greenbelt (Green, Yellow) – 2 Hotels – Greenbelt is the last stop on the green line. It is in the suburbs of Maryland, NE of DC. This is a popular stop to connect with the MARC or a bus headed to BWI. There are no hotels within walking distance to the Greenbelt metro stop. Hotels Near the Greenbelt Metro Station.
  • Stations w/o Hotels Nearby Howard University / Shaw Metro Station., U Street Metro Station, Columbia Heights Metro Station, Georgia Ave. Metro Station, Fort Totten Metro Station, West Hyattsville Metro Station, Prince George Plaza Metro Station, Takoma Metro Station, Forest Glen Metro Station, Wheaton Metro Station, Glenmont Metro Station., Rhode Island Metro Station, Brookland Metro Station

Hotels In SE Maryland Suburbs or SE DC

  • Branch Ave. (Green) – 2 Hotels – Staying here will be ideal for budget conscious travelers, or those who are looking for cheaper hotels on the green line with easy access to the Nationals baseball stadium. All in all there isn’t much special about this area other than the savings on hotels. Expect to spend under $100 per night. Hotels Near the Branch Ave. Metro Station.
  • Stations w/o Hotels Nearby – Eastern Market Metro Station, Potomac Ave Metro Station, Stadium Armory Metro Station, Benning Road Metro Station, Capital Heights Metro Station, Addison Road Metro Station, Morgan BLVD Metro Station, Minnesota Ave. Metro Station, Deanwood Metro Station, Cleverly Metro Station, Landover Metro Station, Anacostica Metro Station, Congress Heights Metro Station, Southern Ave. Metro Station, Naylor Road Metro Station, Suitland Metro Station

Research & Written by Jeff Howard