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“The hotel summary pages made it easy for me to find out about parking fees, and most importantly how close the hotel actual is to the metro. Unfortunately my trip to DC was canceled, but since I booked with Hotels.com I didn’t have a cancellation fee.”
– Katie M. of Philadelphia, PA

Testimonials Dave Hotels Near DC Metro

“This site simply saves time. The articles helped me quickly learn about the neighborhoods and hotel options surrounding metro stops.”
– David D. of Raleigh, NC

Testimonials Lady Hotels Near DC Metro

“My family had an excellent time touring DC. I quickly pined down the best options for a hotel with this site.”
– Kim V. of Chicago, IL

5 Reasons This Site is Useful

  1. Because you are only looking for Washington DC hotels near Metro Stations. We seek to provide you with one page of cliff notes about hotels closet to the metro stations. Our notes make it easy to find out the average rates, internet access options, the pro the cons, the bottom-line, and so much more. Just start browsing our listings and you will see.
  2. Because hotel websites are terrible. All they talk about is how close they are to everything in D.C. Every hotel is apparently minutes away from everything. Most hotel sites don’t even focus on their own hotel. They try to show you pictures of the monuments, or tell you about the sites in D.C. This is not helpful.
  3. Sometimes it can be really hard to find one piece of critical information like, does the hotel offer free internet, free breakfast, free parking, and what is the area around the hotel like? All those items can take time to figure out, not here! We keep things nice and tidy for you.
  4. Do You Really Have Time to Read 600 Reviews? Hotels are racking up hundreds of reviews all over the internet. Within each hotel’s hundreds of reviews there are some good pieces of information you can’t find anywhere else. We make it our job to read all of the reviews we can find and provide you with the cliff notes so that your ready to book with confidence.
  5. BEST PRICE GUARANTEE & NO CANCELLATION FEES. By working Hotels.com we can give you the best price out there for Washington DC hotels near the Metro Stations. When you leave this site Hotels.com will supply you with the final pieces of information to complete your booking including many pictures of the hotels, and pinning down what rooms are available. Hotels.com does not charge cancellation fees because they are not fair.

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