How Much Can You Save on Hotels Outside Washington, DC Near the Metro?

finding a hotel outside dc near the metroTravelers coming to DC for business or pleasure often weigh the pros and cons of staying outside DC versus staying downtown near the business hubs and tourist spots. Ask anyone who has visited DC before and they will tell you that the Metro system will make your life easier. The Metro helps travelers avoid DC’s gridlocked traffic, and confusing interchanges. In addition finding a hotel near the Metro can offer up big savings over multiple day trips. We set out to find out on average how much you can save by staying outside DC near the Metro without lowering the quality of the hotel. On average during the weekday expect to save between $150 and $200 a night. We examined three situations. Staying near the airport, staying outside DC near I-495 in Maryland or Virginia, and staying at the premier hotel for families visiting the National Mall vs. comparable hotels outside DC.

Saving Staying Outside DC in Maryland or Virginia at a Courtyard?

courtyard near dunn lorningThe Courtyard Marriott provides a relatively standard experience from one location to another. Each Courtyard has a Bistro that serves American cuisine, there is a modest fitness room, internet is free, but breakfast is not included with stay. We took a look at what travelers can save by staying in a Courtyard Marriott outside DC in either VA or MD. We found that travelers can save on average $200 during the week and about $100 during the weekend with giving up a 30 minute commute in return. In this case either Courtyard is located just off the interstate in Maryland or Virginia near the Metro. As for Maryland, anticipate a 30 minute commute into downtown from the Courtyard at the New Carrollton station. There isn’t much to do within walking distance in New Carrollton, but at the Virginia Courtyard at the Dunn Loring Metro station there are a handful of restaurants within walking distance. Guests will appreciate the Dunn Loring is just off I-66, it has an underground parking garage and it is easy to walk to the Metro. In Maryland at New Carrollton guests may want to use the shuttle to the Metro on bad weather days. The hotel is about 3 blocks from the station. Check rates for the Dunn Loring Courtyard below.


How Much Can Families Save Staying Outside of DC Over the Holiday Inn Near the Smithsonian Museums?

holiday_inn_near_branch_ave_metro_stationWithout a doubt one of the best hotels for families visiting DC to see the monuments, museums, and White House is the Capitol Holiday Inn that is within walking distance to the National Mall. Even though the convenience is fantastic and the hotel has recently been renovated not all families can afford this luxury. We compared this Holiday Inn with two others outside DC. We found guests can save on average $200 on weekdays and about $100 on weekends. There are two alternatives to this Holiday Inn. The stronger alternative is the Holiday Inn near the Rosslyn Metro. It only takes a 10 minute commute to get from Rosslyn to the Smithsonian station on the National Mall. Parking here is still free, and so is breakfast alongside wifi access. As for Rosslyn, it is located at the tip of Arlington, VA across from DC and Georgetown. Many guests commented that their rooms at the Rosslyn Holiday Inn had excellent views of DC and Georgetown. This hotel is also easy for DCA (Reagan National Airport Access). The cheaper alternative to this option is the Holiday Inn near the Branch Ave. Metro in Maryland along I-495. There isn’t much to do near this location, but the hotel provides a shuttle to the Metro encase you don’t want to walk. The area is suburbia. Commuting to the Smithsonian station will take about 30 minutes and require transferring lines one time. Check rates at the Branch Ave Holiday Inn below.


How Much Can You Save by Staying at the Hampton Inn near the Airport vs. Downtown DC?

hampton_inn_near_crystal_city_and_dca_airportIt’s common for travelers to want to stay near the airport to catch a late or early morning flight. DCA or Reagan National Airport is very close to downtown DC and all the hotels near the airport offer shuttle services from the terminal. We took a look at the Hampton Inn near the White House and the Hampton Inn in Crystal City near the airport. On average travelers can expect to save between $165 during the week and about $100 on the weekends. The commute to Metro Center from the Crystal City Metro station is only 10 minutes with no transfers. As for staying in Crystal City, the area is an urban hub with many chain restaurants and chain shopping options. One of the best aspects about staying here is that the Mt. Vernon trail system along the Potomac can connect you via bike to downtown DC, or Alexandria and beyond toward Mt. Vernon. Check Rates at the Hampton Inn near the Crystal City Metro below.