Make Money Working from Home Because You Love DC

Howdy, my name is Jeff. My wife and I lived in DC for four years. During that time we created this website. Since then we have moved to Pittsburgh and our DC site is in need of some TLC. We are looking for someone who is a DC enthusiast to help us write new neighborhood descriptions for the 40 metro stations that have a hotel within a mile of the station.

You will be responsible for following our process and doing the leg work to make our metro station pages shine. You will need to write articles, do research and collect photos online. You don’t need to be an expert in creative writing or have any web design skills. We have laid out exactly how to format these articles sentence by sentence. Literally all you need to do is apply your local knowledge into our framework.

Here is an example of a new page which has been finished up to our standards – Here is an example of an old page – We want all our neighborhood descriptions to be consistent across the site, and be neutral and objective to our website visitors. You are responsible for finding the pictures and writing the content for the area of the page under “About the ________ Neighborhood.” That is it.


  • Someone who loves DC and is in the know.
  • Someone who would enjoy learning more about areas of DC they have not visited.
  • Someone who might not mind hoping on the Metro and grabbing a picture for the website (we will not ask repeatedly to do this).
  • Someone who is objective, and can see pros and cons to any situation.
  • Someone who has 40 to 60 hours of free time between now and April 1st (our deadline).
  • Someone who will finish the work gradually, and keeps us posted about progress.
  • Honestly, someone who has lots of free time at work and wants to double dip 🙂.


  • Someone who takes on too much, is all over the place, and is not deadline oriented.
  • Someone who tells us every week they will finish this next week, and waits till the last minute.
  • Someone who is more interested in expressing their opinion about DC.
  • Someone who can’t follow directions, and doesn’t respond well to feedback.
  • Someone who will overthink every detail and spends too much time contemplating.
  • Someone who will ignore our first hand experience and blow off our tips and tricks to getting this work completed in a timely manor.


  • Payment will be made in two increments, once the first half is completed and then when it is done.
  • Please send over a general hourly rate you would like, then we will work out a flat rate for the project.


  • Send a message to, or text me at 814 397 6791, then we will talk.