We Are a Family Owned Website

Jeff and Kate Howard created this website in 2012 while living above the Ballston Metro in Washington, DC. Katie is a kindergarten teacher for over seven years in Bethesda. Jeff spends his time in DC avoiding traffic on his bike.

Since 2012 we have helped over a quarter of a million people navigate DC and find hotels. In addition we have grown our family. Thank You for the support! We love questions, feedback and comments! jeff.hotelsneardcmetro@gmail.com


Comments & Feedback We Have Received

Jeff (and Katie),
Thank you for your great efforts with the hotels site! I’m just getting started with it, but it a great place for us visitors.
Thanks again.

Hi Jeff,
I just wanted to say thanks for gathering all the info on your website! I’m from MN and I am planning for a trip to DC in the spring and happened to come upon your website randomly when searching. It is helping me tremendously with my planning. Come to think of it, I wondered if you’ve been featured on the the tv news stations anywhere. I am recalling something about this on the news. Anyways, thanks again!
Jean Thao

Jeff Howard,
Your website was really helpful when planning our D.C. trip this past June. We stayed in Shady Grove.

Dear Jeff
I am so glad I came across your website details!!! We are visiting Washington DC on 6-8 July
Kind regards
Marlene Brand

Hi Jeff–
Thanks for the work you put into your hotel websites! Best of luck.